Our Partners

PartnersCredo is an information skills solutions provider that serves over 2,500 educational institutions and public libraries worldwide. We build platforms that enable the flexible configuration of technology, content and services for the purpose of connecting learners, faculty and teachers, librarians and publishers. The guiding principle of Credo's product strategy is simple—partner with industry leaders to do what the industry cannot do for itself by providing a platform to promote knowledge building, problem solving and critical thinking.

In addition to partnering with libraries, consortia, and publishers we continually look to join forces with technology companies, discovery service providers, content aggregators and others to enhance our solutions.

Partner with Credo for the unique opportunity to:

  • Increase Content Sales: Include content in Credo's Core Collections, our Essentials Collections, and/or make your content available for purchase to Credo's customers. 
  • Promote your Products to End-Users: Marketing and training are two main components of our services. Our team works with librarians to create posters, bookmarks and marketing campaigns that drive usage and increase awareness while drawing attention to your library's resources. 
  • Integrate your other Digital Resources: By becoming a Topic Page target partner, you can make your products available to mutual customers on our 10,000+ Topic Pages, promoting the importance of your products in the research process and driving usage to your resources. Through our Topic Pages, you can target your secondary school students, higher education students, or public patron audiences.
  • Increase Thought Leadership: Credo has evolved from an e-book aggregator to an industry-leading information skills solution provider. By working with us, you will join us as a leader in this area, a cause that transcends markets, while further building your brand.

View our current partners here:

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