Discovery Services and Metasearch Vendors

Credo focuses on driving usage and increasing discovery of all your library's resources. To this end we partner with discovery service providers and metasearch vendors. Considering partnering with us? Learn more about the benefits here.

Open Discovery

Credo adheres to the Recommended Practices published by NISO's Open Discovery Initiative. Please find our ODI conformance checklist below as a statement of our compliance with discovery best practices:

Y Content Provider makes available to Discovery Service Providers core metadata and underlying full-text/original content for complete offerings. (1)  
Y Content Provider makes available to Discovery Service Providers, the core set of metadata elements (see for each item submitted for indexing. (2)  
Y Content Provider provides the content item and additional descriptive content for as much of their content as possible. (3)  
Y Content Provider provides libraries, on request, with a statement of participation in the discovery services, including disclosure of coverage depth and content depth 3.2.2  
Y Content Provider's agreements with Discovery Service Providers do not include non-disclosure agreements. 3.2.3 Credo has a statement of non-bias available covering our relationship with DSPs
Y The transfer of Content Provider's data to Discovery Service Providers makes use of existing standards where applicable and uses one of the metadata encoding schemes listed in 3.3.3. 3.2.4 Data is currently provided to DSPs in proprietary XML. Credo plans to send future data as Dublin Core XML


"Y" indicates yes for compliance with the indicated paragraph of this Recommended Practice.
"P" indicates partial compliance for which explanatory comments should be entered in the last column.
"N" indicates non compliance with the recommendation.

 Discovery Services

EBSCO Discovery Services (EBSCO)

Primo (Ex Libris)

Summon (Serials Solutions)

WorldCat Local (OCLC)

 Metasearch Vendors

AGent Search (Auto-Graphics)

AGent Search (Auto-Graphics)

360 Search (Serials Solutions)

Encore Synergy (Innovative Interfaces/III)

Explorit (Deep Web Technologies)

Explorit (Deep Web Technologies)

Metalib (Ex Libris)

Metalib (Ex Libris)

Reference Universe (Paratext)

Research Pro (Innovative Interfaces/III)


For assistance integrating your Credo collections into your discovery tool or metasearch, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.