Credo Expands Current Events Research With the Addition of the AllSides Red Blue Dictionary and Facts On File's Issues & Controversies

Credo Reference has announced the addition of the AllSides Red Blue Dictionary and Facts On File's Issues & Controversies to its research platform’s Real-time Reference category. As part of Credo’s ongoing efforts to provide credible and up-to-date background information about the topics shaping the headlines, this expanded Real-time Reference content will help librarians offer a scholarly alternative to dubious open-web search results.

“We’re excited to partner with Credo Reference to offer the AllSides Red Blue Dictionary to a new audience of learners, teachers, publishers, and more," said John Gable, CEO and co-Founder of AllSides. "Credo has established itself as a leader helping users to navigate the oceans of data available online. Partnering with Credo will make it that much easier for people to discover our tools for understanding controversial terms and phrases.”

“In the current climate of polarization, it can be hard for students to understand an issue when opposing sides argue using their own vocabulary,” said Credo’s General Manager, Ian Singer. “Resources like the Red Blue Dictionary and Issues & Controversies reinforce strong critical thinking habits by illuminating multiple perspectives from various vantage points; empowering students to develop bias detection and argument development skills and, perhaps most importantly, to reach their own conclusions.”

The Red Blue Dictionary adds over 300 in-depth entries on topics from Abortion to Zionism to the Real-time Reference category available in all Core Collections. Each entry outlines multiple perspectives on the most hotly debated topics today. By illuminating and providing representation of ideas across the political spectrum, the Red Blue Dictionary helps users gather research, identify bias, think critically, and create their own understanding of current issues.

Users will also benefit from a curated collection of 50+ entries from Facts On File's popular Issues & Controversies resource. The straightforward and thought-provoking Overviews and Pro/Con articles give users an in-depth view of the history, current state, and future of debate-worthy topics like gun control, immigration, and equal pay.

In addition to providing valuable background information for students researching current events, these offerings will prove indispensable for librarians teaching in the classroom. Credo Online Reference Service’s user-friendly interface, along with features like Topic Pages, Embeds, and the Mind Map brainstorming tool, have helped establish the platform as a go-to resource for information literacy one-shots and embedded librarianship. The expansion of Real-time Reference content makes it easier for instructors to demonstrate principles of media literacy with concrete examples from reputable sources.