Credo Introduces “Instruct: Health Science” – A Powerful New Resource for Librarians Teaching Foundational Skills

Credo Reference has announced an early adopter program for its new Learning Tools offering, Instruct: Health Science. This marks the latest in a series of product roll-outs and platform updates from Credo that signal the company’s commitment to supporting library instruction efforts at all levels of higher education. Instruct: Health Science will allow librarians to teach and assess crucial foundational skills like information literacy and critical thinking within the context of one of America’s fastest-growing disciplines. As with other Credo Learning Tools, the videos, tutorials, and assessment instruments can be used in the classroom, online, or at the point of need ensuring a role for librarians in developing foundational skills even if in-person instruction is not yet a part of the library’s strategy. Topics covered include Databases and Search Techniques, Interpreting and Evaluating Evidence, Evidence-Based Practice, and more.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists several occupations within the health sciences among the fastest-growing fields in the country1, and the National Center for Education Statistics ranks the health sciences as the second-most popular undergraduate degree in the country behind only business2. Success in these careers requires individuals to think critically, locate and evaluate information, and communicate their findings clearly. Instruct: Health Science uses cutting-edge technology and proven pedagogy to cultivate these skills consistently across a variety of settings. The learning materials were designed with input from health science librarians and beta-tested at over twenty institutions.

The ACRL-aligned multimedia content gives librarians the flexibility to flip classroom instruction, allowing for more active practice and high-impact learning. Due to its specialized content, Instruct: Health Science can be used when teaching undergraduate as well as graduate students. As with other Learning Tools content packages, the Credo Insights analytics platform will provide valuable metrics for areas of student growth while identifying opportunities for further instruction.

“We’ve worked with health science librarians across the country and at a variety of nursing schools to identify unique instructional needs they encounter within this subject discipline,” said Credo’s General Manager, Ian Singer. “Librarians who sign up for our early adopter program will benefit from immediate access to these resources in addition to having the opportunity to add their voice to content and design of the final version to be released later this year.”

Proactive institutions and leaders in the field are encouraged to join Credo’s early adopter program. Participants will receive a special discount and will be able to access this highly sought-after content immediately. 

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