Credo Expands Real-time Reference with Addition of Bloomberg QuickTake

As part of an ongoing initiative to help researchers build context for current events, Credo announced a new partnership with Bloomberg Media Distribution to make its popular Bloomberg QuickTake news explainers available on the Credo research platform. Credo launched the Real-time Reference featured search category last year to help users effortlessly identify sources on topics of real-time importance, and the addition of 125 Classic QuickTakes from Bloomberg's robust archive reinforces the company’s commitment to providing users with well-vetted information in the era of fake news and biased media.

Bloomberg QuickTake will be easily discoverable through the Credo Online Reference Service platform’s Real-time Reference category, and made available at no additional cost to subscribers of Credo’s Core Collections. QuickTake articles provide background information on current events and issues of social interest, with topics ranging from “Immigration Overhaul” to “Bitcoin and Blockchain” and more. On a regular basis Credo will update existing QuickTakes and add new articles as they become available.

“This is a great resource for librarians looking to enhance critical thinking opportunities while offering a safe, authoritative environment for exploring information,” said Credo’s General Manager, Ian Singer. “We’re combining currency with reliability, and packaging it for students with the same level of convenience they’re accustomed to from open web sources.”

Each QuickTake features an easy-to-digest explanation of why the featured topic is relevant in today’s news, an introduction to the major players, and insights into what’s at stake. Each about 650 words long, the QuickTake distills a big topic and breaks it down into three categories -- The Situation, The Background and The Argument. Alongside articles in the Real-time Reference category, the two publishers will help students objectively build understanding of the issues from multiple perspectives. Credo’s research platform also offers the ability to permalink articles or embed them in an institution’s learning management system (LMS) as means of supporting faculty who teach classes that discuss current events.

Bloomberg Media Distribution provides 24/7 global news and analysis, videos, photos and data, as well as the Bloomberg Terminal to education institutions, news publishers, broadcasters and other media companies in more than 120 countries. Providing clients with a single destination for Bloomberg and partner content, Bloomberg Media Distribution’s content offerings span business and finance, politics, technology, entertainment, music, sports and health and science discoveries. The group is also responsible for linear video distribution and branded partnerships around the globe.