Credo Further Enables Researchers with “Real-time Reference” Through New Partnership with

Credo has introduced a “Real-time Reference” category within search results to help students easily identify reliable sources on current issues of importance. In addition to enabling researchers to find timely and accurate reference content relating to current events and controversial topics, Credo is announcing a partnership with to make its Debate Topics available within Credo’s Core Collections.

In an era where news may be fake and the number of sources available are overwhelming, the ability to navigate information online is increasingly vital to both the research process, as well as each individual’s understanding of the world around them.’s carefully curated arguments and background context are compiled from multiple viewpoints, reliable sources, and key experts in a diverse array of topics influencing today's society.

“We live in a rapidly changing world, with events unfolding just as fast, students need access to resources that can keep up with that pace while also adhering to the rigorous standards of academic reference,” said Ian Singer, Credo’s General Manager. “Combining’s widely-respected content within our platform will allow researchers to meet all of their background information needs in one convenient place.”

The partnership was made possible through Credo’s generous sponsorship of, which will allow libraries to access the organization’s articles at no additional cost within Credo’s core collections.’s inclusion in the Real-time Reference category ensures that students exploring current issues and controversies will have no shortage of authoritative resources for their research. CEO Kamy Akhavan stressed the importance of this partnership, stating that: “To advance critical thinking in our society is to advance democracy. and Credo make it easy to learn about issues without bias, think critically, and become civically engaged. We welcome the opportunity to partner with Credo to reach more hearts and minds with the unbiased information people crave and need to make informed decisions about the most pressing issues in our country.”

Between Credo’s status as the ideal place to find background information and begin the research process and’s reputation as an exceptional resource to promote critical thinking, this partnership offers new possibilities for libraries working in first year experience (FYE) initiatives, embedded in English Composition or similar courses, teaching information literacy skills, and providing general reference services. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit nonpartisan public charity that provides professionally-researched pro, con, and related information on more than 50 controversial issues from gun control and death penalty to illegal immigration and alternative energy. Using the fair, free, and unbiased resources at, millions of people each year learn new facts, think critically about both sides of important issues, and strengthen their minds and opinions. Founded on July 12, 2004, has become the country’s leading source for nonpartisan information and civic education. It serves more than 25 million people each year, including students and teachers in more than 9,000 schools in all 50 states and 90 foreign countries.