Credo Announces Exciting New Enhancements To Award-Winning Platform

January 28, 2016, Boston, Oxford – Credo, the industry leader for information literacy, critical thinking, and research solutions, announced the relaunch of its popular Mind Map visual search tool, which has been redesigned to better show relationships between topics.

“Librarians using the Mind Map for instruction will find it helpful in illustrating concepts like pre-research, topic selection, narrowing topics, and discovering related terms and keywords,” said Credo’s Vice President of Product Marketing, John Hutchinson. “Learners at all levels will appreciate the improved usability and more relevant information to accelerate their research.” 

The Mind Map provides a tool for librarians to assist students who are feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of the research process, especially students who don’t yet know for what they are searching. Being able to see related concepts and browse relevant content in the library's Credo collections allows students to explore content relationships with greater breadth and depth, and brainstorm both within and across topics. The Mind Map’s accessible, responsive design makes it easy for users to navigate through all of the rich, full-text entries that will ultimately bolster their research.

Learn more about Credo's Mind Map.