Credo Insights Simplifies Library Assessment and Reporting of Information Literacy Skills Development

Today Credo announced the launch of its new Credo Insights assessment and reporting platform, included within its highly-acclaimed InfoLit Modules. The graphical interface provides a robust view of assessment and usage data, which are critical components of any successful library instruction strategy. Persistence, GPA levels, and graduation rates are all impacted by students’ information literacy skills, and the ability to drill down into specific assessment questions allowing librarians to respond to problem areas more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Credo’s InfoLit Modules simplify instruction for librarians by offering high-quality videos, tutorials, and quizzes to build up essential skills related to selecting a research topic, evaluating sources, identifying media bias, and more. Also included is a Faculty Engagement Module to better align teaching faculty with best practices for designing research assignments. However, as most librarians know, teaching these valuable skills to students is only the first half of the equation: accurately measuring outcomes and reporting meaningful data are important components for continuously improving instruction and demonstrating the library’s value to the institution. 

“Data is most powerful when it is used to tell a larger story beyond just the numbers,” said Credo General Manager Ian Singer. “Evidence from student performance can support  strategic goals around information literacy (IL) instruction, whether that includes expanding from one-shots to an embedded program, establishing a credit-bearing IL course, or integrating into Gen Ed or discipline curricula.”

The flexibility to configure the InfoLit Modules to exactly meet the instructional needs of each institution is an integral part of what makes the Modules so effective. The instructional materials can provide the backbone of an entire course, or they can be embedded individually in LibGuides, learning management systems, or a library’s website. Recently, Credo began offering an add-on Critical Thinking Module to broaden libraries’ instructional reach even further. The addition of Credo Insights provides librarians with a greater ability to recognize what is and isn’t working at their institution, and adapt their instructional strategy to more precisely address their students’ needs.
There is no additional cost for Credo Insights, which is included in every InfoLit Modules subscription. Current subscribers will see it added to their platform by the end of the month. On May 24, from 2:00-3:00 PM EDT, Amanda DiFeterici, Credo’s Senior Manager of Product Strategy will present a webinar, Credo Insights: Usage and Assessment Data Made Easy, focusing on the types of questions that Credo Insights can answer. Offered within the Credo InfoLit Learning Community, this webinar will explore how librarians can use the data from Insights to tell a story at your institution, then dive deeper into the platform itself—how it functions, what types of data you will see there, and how the filters can be used to generate very customized reports that are based on particular questions users want to be answered.