Discovery of Current Events Resources Broadened Through Partnership with The Conversation

Credo is further broadening its “Real-time Reference” content category by offering researchers access to dozens of articles from The Conversation. Written by faculty and researchers, The Conversation is well-known for the academic rigor its subject-matter experts bring to investigations of issues affecting society today.

The Conversation adds breadth and depth to Credo's expanding efforts to support researchers with global coverage from their U.S., U.K., Canadian, Australian, and African editions. Authored by academics and updated regularly, The Conversation offers students an ideal starting point in their pre-search and research process. With background information and insight into prominent current events topics, users will find the opportunity to develop critical bias detection and debate skills in a reliable research environment.

Additionally, this partnership will make it easier for librarians assembling Open Educational Resources (OERs) for study guides and course materials. OERs include open access resources, allowing librarians to compile and disseminate materials without having to worry about infringing upon licensing or copyright agreements. In a world of ballooning educational costs, OERs are an effective way to get students the information they need without compelling them to buy another textbook or pay for costly articles online.

“With its rigorous editorial process and evidence-based content, The Conversation offers the ideal combination of access and credibility,” said Credo General Manager, Ian Singer. “We’re excited to include access within Credo’s research platform to their in-depth and expertly-authored content, which will now reach a larger audience of researchers.”

Founded in 2014, The Conversation began as an independent source of news and opinions from leading academic voices, including faculty, administrators, and researchers from around the world. Users of Credo Online Reference Service can now search and access articles from The Conversation written by scholars teaching in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, and around the globe. With the belief that “access to independent, high quality, authenticated, explanatory journalism underpins a functioning democracy,” the resource aims to add context and background information to the complex topics unfolding in the headlines.

In this era of fake news and biased media, sources like The Conversation are essential for researchers seeking objective reporting to better understand current events. Credo hopes through this partnership, more users will incorporate high-quality, authenticated, and explanatory content in their research.

The Conversation is an organization of professional editors working at the nexus of academic research and news media to help build the quality of conversations in today’s public discourse. The Conversation seeks to increase the public’s access to expert, research-focused scholars, with the goal of increasing the availability of evidence-based information. The Conversation’s US newsroom is based in Boston, with editors in New York, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. The Conversation is a global network that shares content, with editorial offices in Australia, Canada, the UK, France, Indonesia, and Africa.