The One-stop Platform for Preparing Students for College-level Research

In an effort to better prepare students for the rigors of college-level research, Credo Source helps students meet their research needs while cultivating the information literacy skills necessary for lifelong success.

Kindergarten-12 librarians can now benefit from this one-stop instruction platform, which integrates Credo’s highly-acclaimed SEEK research database and SKILL™ Modules. With Source, librarians will have everything they need to set students up for success and counteract the well-documented problem of students arriving at college without adequate information literacy skills.

The research component of Source, the SEEK platform, is the ideal starting place for students to begin their research. Its easy-to-use interface and robust reference content provide a convenient entry point through which students can gather background information and expand their keyword vocabulary. Using this resource also better prepares students for the types of databases they will encounter in college, helping to build their confidence in the academic research process. The reference titles alone available through Credo’s Student Core Collection are valued at over $20,000.

However, access to scholarly content is only part of the equation. Source also provides a way for librarians to develop information literacy skills through instruction, or at the point-of-need. The integrated SKILL™ Modules gained prominence last year with highly favorable reviews in publications like School Library Journal, which called the resource “a solid purchase for middle and high school libraries.” Containing dozens of interactive videos and tutorials, the modules teach important information literacy topics, while freeing up time for librarians to focus on instruction rather than creating materials. The 110 minutes worth of video content would take hundreds of hours to create from scratch, or tens of thousands of dollars to produce.

“Source makes it easy for students to find answers to their research questions and improve their research skills in the process, all without leaving the platform,” said Credo General Manager, Ian Singer. “Convenience is key when competing for students’ trust with open websites like Google and Wikipedia, which are user-friendly but lack credibility and often lead users to false or biased information.”

Libraries can use Source’s instructional materials during in-class sessions, or embedded within their LMS, LibGuides, or website. Scholarly articles and Topic Pages can also be used in a wide range of settings to simplify collaboration between the classroom and the library. Credo Source offers a way for libraries to take advantage of world-class e-reference content and high-quality instructional materials at an affordable price.