Credo Collections Add New and Updated Content

September 30, 2015, Boston, Oxford – Credo, the industry leader for information skills solutions, has recently added dozens of new and updated Publisher and Subject Collections as part of its ongoing commitment to curate the best in award-winning e-reference content.

Credo’s Publisher and Subject Collections allow libraries to consolidate their reference holdings onto a platform that supports research and exploratory search while creating connections to other library resources. Recognizing the ever-changing needs of libraries and researchers, Credo introduces new and updated Publisher and Subject Collections throughout the year.

With new Publisher Collections from Bloomsbury Academic, Reaktion Books and Westview Press, in addition to new Subject Collections in Middle Eastern Studies and Energy Science, libraries now have even more options for building outstanding digital reference collections. Bestselling collections such as SAGE Reference, Criminal Justice, Nursing & Allied Health, and Sociology all received updates, and the Leadership Collection now includes four titles from new publisher, Mission Bell Media. 

Credo now offers over 150 Subject, Publisher, and Essentials Collections, which are expanded and updated on a monthly basis. Goodfellow Publishers, Bergham Books, Lion Hudson, and Oxbow Books have announced new partnerships with Credo this quarter. Perseus Book Group, having contributed titles to Credo’s Core collections for many years, will now also offer titles to Credo's Publisher and Subject Collections.