Credo Reference Interview with John Dove (President) and Carol Helton (Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing)

The Charleston ADVISOR has published their interview with Credo Reference President John Dove and Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing Carol Helton.

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Credo Reference Adds Brill Religion to Publisher Collections

Credo Reference announced that Brill Publishing, a publisher of religion, humanities, and social science titles, will contribute the Brill Religion Collection to Credo Reference's Publisher Collections next year. The Brill Religion Collection includes seven titles, such as Dictionary of Gnosis and Western Esotericism and Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an, which encompass a variety of religious topics.

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Credo Reference Tests Literati to Enhance Library Information Literacy

How do you train today’s and tomorrow’s knowledge workers to know how to use online content effectively? How do you teach them to evaluate content sites accurately? Credo Reference already has amassed a collection of high-quality digital reference tools from about 80 publishers worldwide. Now the company has begun beta testing a new service called Literati by Credo that will improve the use of its own and non-Credo sources, educate users, and enhance the role as well as the image of librarians. Beta testing will extend through November, and a launch of the new service is scheduled for January 2012. In an interview with Mike Sweet, CEO of Credo Reference, he noted that the term “information literacy,” though the more standard term for the concept, was a less accurate description for the goal of Literati by Credo than “information fluency.”

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Credo Reference Named 'Best Overall'

To learn which resources have emerged as the most remarkable tools in a sea of digital research options, we polled a group of librarians and LJ reviewers to choose the “best” of 2011.

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LILAC: The Credo Reference Award for Information Literacy

The Credo Reference Award for Information Literacy

Posted October 2011

The CILIP CSG Information Literacy Group is very pleased to announce an exciting new award for innovation in digital resources for Information Literacy generously sponsored by Credo Reference. This annual award will recognise an individual librarian or group of librarians who develop the best new digital resource for promoting information literacy. The winner will receive a prize of £500 for personal use and £500 for their nominated charity.

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