SKILL Modules

The SKILL™ Modules are Credo’s answer to the pressing need for K-12 schools to teach the essential information literacy and research skills needed for student success, in a comprehensive and measurable way. Developed by librarians and educators, the SKILL Modules make it easy for you to incorporate research instruction into your lesson plans with multimedia and ready-to-use course materials.

Arranged into four sections, Credo's SKILL™ Modules are a customized, digital, and mobile responsive platform consisting of more than two dozen videos and tutorials. Totaling approximately 110 minutes of multimedia content and augmented with instructor guides and assessment tools, the modules are designed to support research instruction. SKILL Modules can serve as an entire instructional course or educators can select components as needed.


Why Credo's SKILL™ Modules?

  • Formalize your research skills instruction
  • Prepare your students for the rigors of academia
  • Assess the impact of your instruction on students’ research skills
  • Easily integrate information literacy instruction into the curriculum
  • Enhance collaboration with teachers and administrators
  • Focus your time on instruction, using ready-made, high-quality materials


Flexible delivery allows you to decide where and how to use SKILL™ Modules:

  • Student Facing website, IP protected
  • URLs and Embed Codes integrated into LibGuides, your Library Website, or other resources
  • Use in your LMS

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