Students Exploring & Evaluating Knowledge

Students today are asked to navigate a complex world of digital information, however many struggle to search effectively, evaluate sources, and communicate their findings. SEEK is a research and library teaching tool that provides top quality reference sources paired with point-of-need instruction.

Why Credo’s SEEK research platform?

  • Access to 400+ top-tier reference titles appropriate for grades 7-12 with the Student Core Collection

  • 11,000+ Topic Pages, providing authoritative background information, context, and links to your other vetted library resources

  • Interactive Study Guides, allowing students to explore various topics through videos, exercises, mind maps, and assessments

  • Mind Map brainstorming tool, offering a visual representation of how topics are related

  • Customizable home screen offering point-of-need instruction to expose valuable research resources while students search

SEEK may be combined with Credo’s Homework Help, giving students real time access to state certified teachers in reading, writing, math, and science.

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