Jumpstart library instruction with this robust collection of high-quality, standards-aligned videos

View gives libraries a head start on instruction programming with a suite of ready-made videos to help students learn essential information literacy, communication, quantitative literacy, and critical thinking skills

View will help your library: 

  • Build collaboration with faculty and expose the value of the library

  • Save time and resources, creating engaging instructional materials

  • Teach students in a variety of settings, in-class or online at any time of day

View features 60+ concise, informative videos to help your students grow as learners, researchers, and thinkers.


View opens up new possibilities for your library instruction program:

  • Flip classes, assigning videos on foundational concepts as homework so that you can fill one-shots and/or class time with interactive, hands-on activities

  • Establish fruitful partnerships with faculty as you expand your IL program

  • Support students who struggle with the material, allowing them to watch videos as many times as they need

  • Extend the reach of your information literacy and critical thinking instruction, disseminating the videos through your LMS, websites, and LibGuides

Find out how View can impact foundational skill development at your institution.

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Types of Bias

Written Communication