Credo Online Reference Service

"Students consistently referred to “finding context,” ... , as the most laborious, yet requisite, part of the research process." 1

Reference is the foundation of research. Credo Online Reference Service enhances the research experience by combining authoritative reference content with a one-stop exploratory search platform that drives usage of all trusted library resources.

Why Credo Online Reference Service?

  • Credo's Mind Map visually shows relationships between topics
  • Included Topic Pages offer an easy starting point and pathways for further research
  • 700+ highly-regarded titles alongside thousands of easily searchable images, audio files, and videos
  • Access to hundreds of in-depth subject encyclopedias and handbooks covering every major subject from Accounting to Art History and Shakespeare to Einstein
  • Choose a Core Collection of reference titles that best meets your needs - Academic, Public, Student, or Complete
  • Includes authoritative content from over 100 publishers and the ability to expand by adding titles from Essentials Collections or individual titles available for purchase.

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1Head, Alison J., and Michael B. Eisenberg. "Finding Context: What Today's College Student Say about Conducting Research in the Digital Age." Project Information Literacy. University of Washington's Information School, 9 Feb. 2009. Web.