Building Bridges

Increase college readiness through Credo’s innovative partnerships with post-secondary institutions and local high schools

Too many students enter college ill-equipped for the rigors of academic research. Remediation efforts are costly and time-consuming when what students really require is an earlier introduction to these concepts before they arrive on campus. Credo helps post-secondary institutions do just that with the Building Bridges program. This initiative enables post-secondary institutions to provide select local high schools with Source, Credo’s skill-building exploratory research platform. By investing in the preparedness of incoming freshmen before they arrive, colleges and universities can play a more proactive role in fostering student success.

How will your institution and students benefit from the Building Bridges program? 

  • Engaging multimedia instructional content totaling 100+ minutes of run time develops information literacy skills

  • 400+ of top-tier reference titles build students’ familiarity with college-style resources

  • Improvements to college readiness and increased retention rates of first-year college students and lower costs for remediation programs

  • Strengthened recruitment of students from local “feeder” schools through the initiative

Partners are supported through a learning community that includes biannual meetings and a specially designed website featuring webinars, blog posts, articles, and more