This new on time service is offered to all students in Virginia (Grades 3-12)
needing help in Math, Reading, Writing or Science.

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Do your patrons need help with writing a paper?
Are they having difficulty with math?
Struggling with reading comprehension?

If your patrons need real teacher help, now you can help connect them to a state-certified teacher through Literati Public. The Online teacher will work through homework problems, step by step, until the student is finished with their assignment. This is real time homework help, available at no cost through Literati Public at your public library.   When you need homework help STAT, turn to Literati's Homework Help.  


Getting started is easy!

The process is simple and no appointment is necessary:

Homework Login
Find Homework Help on
the Literati homescreen.
  • First Name
  • Grade
  • Subject

The student will be brought into the virtual classroom and the class will begin as soon as the teacher joins.

Homework Help Hours

Summer Hours are in effect!

Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm


Finish homework fast

After being connected with one of our expert teachers it’s easy to work together on an assignment:

  • Upload a problem to the interactive white-board and solve it together
  • Share documents and plan or proofread your essays in real time
  • Use Literati Public to find authoritative homework help resources
  • Build your skills using the specialized videos and tutorials in Literati Public

The student and teacher will work in real time on an Online white board, a place for student and teacher to figure out math problems, outline a paper, discuss reading passages, etc. The interactive tools make it easy for the student and teacher to annotate documents and communicate about what is on the white board. They will also have the opportunity to communicate via chat for further clarification.  This is on time homework help, available when your students need it. 

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