Secondary Schools and Cooperative Learning: Theories, Models and Strategies

Editor/Author Pedersen, Jon E.
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-0-8153-0421-0
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

The book proceeds from a discussion of achievement-related and affective outcomes of cooperative learning to a discussion of research and theory as applied to secondary classrooms and concludes with a discussion of cooperative learning strategies in selected content areas.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • PART I Achievement and Affective Outcomes of Cooperative Learning
  • Chapter 1 Cooperative Learning and Individual Student Achievement in Secondary Schools - David W. Johnson; Roger T. Johnson; Karl A. Smith
  • Chapter 2 Cooperative Learning and Critical Thinking - Patrick Ferguson
  • Chapter 3 Cooperative Learning and Nonacademic Outcomes of Schooling: The Other Side of the Report Card - David W. Johnson; Roger T. Johns
  • PART II Cooperative Learning and Content Areas: Theory and Research
  • Chapter 4 Cooperative Learning in Secondary Mathematics: Research and Theory - John E. Owens
  • Chapter 5 Learning Science in Cooperative Modes in Junior- and Senior-High Schools: Cognitive and Affective Outcomes - Reuven Lazarowitz
  • Chapter 6 Cooperative Learning in Secondary English: Research and Theory - Annette Digby
  • Chapter 7 Group Investigation: Theoretical Foundations - Shlomo Sharan
  • PART III Applying Cooperative Learning in Secondary Classrooms
  • Chapter 8 Cooperative Group Learning in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom - Tommy Smith; Susan Williams; and Norma Wynn
  • Chapter 9 Putting the Pieces Together—Together - Jan L. Hintz
  • Chapter 10 Music of Many Voices: Group Investigation in a Cooperative High School Classroom - Yael Sharan
  • Chapter 11 Learning Biology in Cooperative Investigative Groups - Reuven Lazarowitz
  • Chapter 12 Making Cooperative Learning(s) Long Lasting: Integrating Cooperative Process and Content in the Secondary School - Nancy Schniedewind; Lucio Costanza; Florence Mondry; Claudia Travers; Diane Wikstrom
  • Chapter 13 Jigsaw Synthesis: A Method for Incorporating a Study of Social Issues into the Extant Curriculum - Samuel Totten
  • Chapter 14 Student Teams-Achievement Divisions in the Secondary Classroom - Robert E. Slavin
  • Chapter 15 Selected Annotated Bibliography - Annette Digby; Beth Hurst, and Mary Stra
  • List of Contributors