Exploring Rituals in Nursing

Editor/Author Wolf, Zane
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-619662-0
Category: Health & Medicine - Nursing
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Table of Contents

This text examines a variety of nursing rituals in the context of caring science and evidence-based practice and demonstrates how understanding and incorporation of such rituals can have a transformative effect on contemporary nursing practice.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword - Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
  • Preface
  • Prologue: Rituals in Nursing: Underpinnings and Importance
  • Ritual Foundations, Definitions, and Elements
  • Nursing Literature on Ritual
  • Section I: Rituals of Nursing Practice
  • 1. Interpersonal Caring Ritual and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Nurse—Patient Relationship: Opportunity for Caring and Ritual
  • Traditions, Beliefs, and Definitions
  • Interaction Ritual and Interpersonal Caring Ritual
  • Caring Theories as Framework for Caring Ritual
  • Relationship and Ritual
  • Initiation to Interpersonal Relationships
  • Artistic Interpersonal Relationships
  • Research on Caring Relationships
  • Interpersonal Caring Ritual and Symbols
  • Summary
  • 2. Bathing Patients: Nursing Ritual in Transition
  • Traditions, Beliefs, and Definitions
  • Bodywork and Dirty and Clean Work: Pollution and Purification
  • Initiation to Bathing Patients
  • The Art of Bathing Patients
  • Research on Bathing and Hygienic Interventions
  • Baths, Bathing, and Symbols
  • Summary
  • 3. Postmortem Care: The Last Nursing Care
  • Predicting and Caring for Patients in the Last Hours of Life: Immediate Context
  • Traditions, Beliefs, and Procedures
  • Initiation to Postmortem Care
  • Artistic Performance
  • Postmortem Care as Bodywork and Dirty and Clean Work: Pollution and Purification
  • Summary
  • Appendix A: Excerpt From Tudor (1890)
  • Appendix B: The Body Flute
  • 4. Medication Errors and Medication Administration: Ritualistic Prevention
  • Traditions, Beliefs, Practices, and Definitions
  • Initiation to Medication Administration
  • Art of Medication Administration
  • Research on Preventing Medication Errors
  • Medication Errors: Ritual Objects as Symbols and Ritual Protection From Error
  • Summary
  • Appendix A: Affirmation
  • Section II: Rituals of Socialization
  • 5. Change-of-Shift Report: Rite of Passage for Professional Nurses
  • Traditions, Beliefs, and Definitions
  • Initiation to Change-of-Shift Report
  • Artistic Performance of a Change-of-Shift Report
  • Research on Change-of-Shift Reports
  • Change-of-Shift Reports and Symbols
  • Summary
  • 6. Nursing Ceremonies: Transitions Into and in Celebration of Professional Nursing Work
  • Nursing Ceremonies as Initiations
  • Nursing Ceremonies in Celebration of Nurses—Work
  • Other Recognition Events
  • Summary
  • Appendix A: Nightingale Pledge Revised
  • Appendix B: Nightingale Pledge
  • Appendix C: VA Maryland Health Care System Observes National Nurses Week With Awards Ceremony
  • Epilogue: Nursing Rituals
  • Glossary
  • References