Outcome Assessment in Advanced Practice Nursing

Editor/Author Kleinpell, Ruth M.
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-611047-3
Category: Health & Medicine - Nursing
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Table of Contents

Measuring the results of APN care has become increasingly important as a way to demonstrate the significant impact of APN nurses on practice outcomes. The third edition of this award-winning volume has been updated to provide the most current knowledge, perspectives, and research on assessing outcomes of APN care.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Contributors
  • Foreword Julie Stanik-Hutt, PhD, CRNP, CCNS, FAAN
  • Preface
  • 1. Measuring Outcomes in Advanced Practice Nursing - Ruth M. Kleinpell
  • 2. Analyzing Economic Outcomes in Advanced Practice Nursing - Kevin D. Frick, Catherine C. Cohen, and Patricia W. Stone
  • 3. Selecting Advanced Practice Nurse Outcome Measures - Suzanne M. Burns and Beth Quatrara
  • 4. General Design and Implementation Challenges in Outcomes Assessment - Ann F. Minnick
  • 5. Locating Instruments and Measures for Advanced Practice Nursing Outcome Assessments - Marilyn Wolf Schwartz and Roger Green
  • 6. Measuring Outcomes in Cardiovascular Advanced Practice Nursing - Anna Gawlinski, Kathy McCloy, Virginia Erickson, Tamara Harrison Chaker, Elizabeth Vandenbogaart, Julie Creaser, Nancy Livingston, and Darlene Rourke
  • 7. Ambulatory Nurse Practitioner Outcomes - Mary Jo Goolsby
  • 8. Assessing Outcomes in Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice - Judy E. Davidson, Melissa A. Johnson, and Anne W. Alexandrov
  • 9. Outcomes Measurement in Nurse-Midwifery Practice - Suzan Ulrich, Rhonda Arthur, and Julie Marfell
  • 10. Outcomes Assessment in Nurse Anesthesia - Michael J. Kremer and Margaret Faut Callahan
  • 11. Measuring Outcomes of Doctor of Nursing Practice - Marguerite J. Murphy and Kathy S. Magdic
  • 12. Resources to Facilitate Advanced Practice Nursing Outcomes Research - Denise Bryant-Lukosius, Alba DiCenso, Saadia Israr, and Renée Charbonneau-Smith