The SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing

Editor/Author Warner, Timothy A., Nellis, M. Duane and Foody, Giles M.
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-3616-3
Category: Geography
Image Count: 180
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Remote sensing acquires and interprets small or large-scale data about the Earth from a distance. Using a wide range of spatial, spectral, temporal, and radiometric scales remote sensing is a large and diverse field for which this Handbook will be the key research reference.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Notes on Contributors
  • I Introduction
  • 1 Remote Sensing Scale and Data Selection Issues - Timothy A. Warner, M. Duane Nellis, Giles M. Foody
  • 2 Remote Sensing Policy - Ray Harris
  • II Electromagnetic Radiation and the Terrestrial Environment
  • 3 Visible, Near-IR, and Shortwave IR Spectral Characteristics of Terrestrial Surfaces - Willem J. D. van Leeuwen
  • 4 Interactions of Middle Infrared (3–5 µm) Radiation with the Environment - Arthur P. Cracknell, Doreen S. Boyd
  • 5 Thermal Remote Sensing in Earth Science Research - Dale A. Quattrochi, Jeffrey C. Luvall
  • 6 Polarimetric SAR Phenomenology and Inversion Techniques for Vegetated Terrain - Mahta Moghaddam
  • III Digital Sensors and Image Characteristics
  • 7 Optical Sensor Technology - John P. Kerekes
  • 8 Fine Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors - Thierry Toutin
  • 9 Moderate Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors - Samuel N. Goward, Terry Arvidson, Darrel L. Williams, Richard Irish, James R. Irons
  • 10 Coarse Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors - Christopher Owen Justice, Compton James Tucker III
  • 11 Airborne Digital Multispectral Imaging - Douglas A. Stow, Lloyd L. Coulter, Cody A. Benkelman
  • 12 Imaging Spectrometers - Michael E. Schaepman
  • 13 Active and Passive Microwave Systems - Josef Martin Kellndorfer, Kyle C. McDonald
  • 14 Airborne Laser Scanning - Juha Hyyppä, Wolfgang Wagner, Markus Hollaus, Hannu Hyyppä
  • IV Remote Sensing Analysis: Design and Implementation
  • 15 Radiometry and Reflectance: From Terminology Concepts to Measured Quantities - Gabriela Schaepman-Strub, Michael E. Schaepman, John Martonchik, Thomas Painter, Stefan Dangel
  • 16 Pre-Processing of Optical Imagery - Freek van der Meer, Harald van der Werff, Steven M. de Jong
  • 17 Surface Reference Data Collection - Chris J. Johannsen, Craig S. T. Daughtry
  • 18 Integrating Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems - James W. Merchant, Sunil Narumalani
  • 19 Image Classification - John R. Jensen, Jungho Im, Perry Hardin, Ryan R. Jensen
  • 20 Quantitative Models and Inversion in Optical Remote Sensing - Shunlin Liang
  • 21 Accuracy Assessment - Stephen V. Stehman, Giles M. Foody
  • V Remote Sensing Applications
  • A. Lithosphericsciences
  • 22 Making Sense of the Third Dimension Through Topographic Analysis - Yongxin Deng
  • 23 Remote Sensing of Geology - Xianfeng Chen, David J. Campagna
  • 24 Remote Sensing of Soils - James B. Campbell
  • B. Plant Sciences
  • 25 Remote Sensing for Studies of Vegetation Condition: Theory and Application - Michael A. Wulder, Joanne C. White, Nicholas C. Coops, Stephanie Ortlepp
  • 26 Remote Sensing of Cropland Agriculture - M. Duane Nellis, Kevin P. Price, Donald Rundquist
  • C. Hydrospheric and Cryospheric Sciences
  • 27 Optical Remote Sensing of the Hydrosphere: From the Open Ocean to Inland Waters - Samantha Lavender
  • 28 Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere - Jeff Dozier
  • D. Global Change and Human Environments
  • 29 Remote Sensing for Terrestrial Biogeochemical Modeling - Gregory P. Asner, Scott V. Ollinger
  • 30 Remote Sensing of Urban Areas - Janet Nichol
  • 31 Remote Sensing and the Social Sciences - Kelley A. Crews, Stephen J. Walsh
  • 32 Hazard Assessment and Disaster Management Using Remote Sensing - Richard Teeuw, Paul Aplin, Nicholas McWilliam, Toby Wicks, Matthieu Kervyn, Gerald G. J. Ernst
  • 33 Remote Sensing of Land Cover Change - Timothy A. Warner, Abdullah Almutairi, Jong Yeol Lee
  • VI Conclusions
  • 34 A Look to the Future - Giles M. Foody, Timothy A. Warner, M. Duane Nellis
  • Appendix: Acronyms