The SAGE Handbook of Strategic Supply Management: Relationships, Chains, Networks and Sectors

Editor/Author Harland, Christine, Nassimbeni, Guido and Schneller, Eugene
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-2408-5
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Table of Contents

This Handbook is the first substantive, multi-disciplinary academic work to make coherent analysis of supply systems from the perspective of purchasing and supply, operations management, logistics, supply chain management, service management, industrial or relationship marketing, and inter-organization networks.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Editors and Contributors
  • Part 1 Introduction to Strategic Supply Management
  • 1 Introduction - Christine Harland, Guido Nassimbeni and Eugene Schneller
  • 2 Changing Academic Context - Prakash J. Singh and Kevin Burgess
  • 3 Theoretical Debates on Strategic Supply Management - Guido Nassimbeni, Christine Harland and Eugene Schneller
  • Part 2 Levels of Strategic Supply Management
  • 4 A Critical Discussion on the Theory and Development of Inter-Firm Relationships - Paul D. Cousins
  • 5 Strategic Alliances between Buyers and Suppliers: Lessons from the Medical Imaging Industry - Lawton R. Burns, Eduardo A. Cisneros, William Ferniany and Harbir Singh
  • 6 Integrating Marketing and Supplier Network Management - Uta Jüttner, Martin Christopher and Thomas Deigendesch
  • 7 Supply Networks - Bjorn Axelsson and Enrico Baraldi
  • 8 Collaborative Public Procurement and Supply Chain: The European Union Experience - Gabriella M. Racca and Gian Luigi Albano
  • 9 Systems of Exchange: Cooperative Purchasing in the UK and US Health Sectors - Eugene Schneller, Christine Harland, Helen Walker and Samantha Forrest
  • Part 3 Perspectives on Strategic Supply Management
  • 10 The Political Economy of Transactions: The Praxis of Portfolio Management in Buyer and Supplier Exchange - Andrew Cox
  • 11 Social Capital and Social Ties in Management of Supply - Asta Salmi
  • 12 Organization Development in Supply - Pamela Danese, Pietro Romano and Andrea Vinelli
  • 13 Theory of Complexity: Guidelines for Strategic Management and Supply Management - Alberto F. De Toni and Luca Comello
  • Part 4 Issues in Strategic Supply Management
  • 14 Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions - Helen Walker
  • 15 Innovation Management and Dynamic Capability - John Bessant and Wendy Phillips
  • 16 International Research Study of Public Procurement - Christine Harland, Jan Telgen and Guy Callender
  • 17 Beyond Homo Economicus: A Conceptual Approach to Human Behavior in Implementing Early Supplier Involvement - Lutz Kaufmann, Craig R. Carter and Holger Materlik
  • 18 E-procurement and its Role in Supply Management and Supplier Valuation - Michael Essig and Markus Amann
  • 19 Social Responsibility and Ethical Considerations in the Management of the Supply Chain - Marianne M. Jennings
  • Review Chapter
  • 20 Supply Strategy: Quo Vadis? - Richard Lamming