The SAGE Handbook of Social Marketing

Editor/Author Hastings, Gerard, Angus, Kathryn and Bryant, Carol
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-84920-188-9
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Marketing
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

For academics, this book will fill the gap in comprehensive social marketing literature, while being of interest to policymakers and graduate marketing and health studies students alike as it explores the idea that tools used to market fast-moving consumer goods and financial services can also be applied to pressing social problems, such as HIV/AIDS and global warming.

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Table of Contents

  • Editorial Board and Reviewers
  • About the Authors
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Foreword - Philip Kotler Nancy R. Lee
  • Introduction: A Movement in Social Marketing - Gerard Hastings
  • Theoretical Debates
  • Preface for Theoretical Debates
  • Theoretical Models of Behaviour Change - Rob Donovan
  • Social Models for Social Marketing: Social Diffusion, Social Networks, Social Capital, Social Determinants and Social Franchising - R. Craig Lefebvre
  • Relationship Marketing and Social Marketing - Susana Marques Christine Domegan
  • Understanding Social Norms: Upstream and Downstream Applications for Social Marketers - Patrick Kenny Gerard Hastings
  • Design Thinking, Demarketing and Behavioral Economics: Fostering Interdisciplinary Growth in Social Marketing - R. Craig Lefebvre Philip Kotler
  • Critical Marketing: Theoretical Underpinnings - Michael Saren
  • New Approaches toward Resistance to Persuasion - Petia K. Petrova Robert B. Cialdini
  • Marketing Planning
  • Preface to Marketing Planning
  • Segmentation and Targeting - Lynne Doner Lotenberg Carol Schechter John Strand
  • Competition and Positioning - Gary Noble Debra Z. Basil
  • The Social Marketing Mix – A Critical Review - Ken Peattie Sue Peattie
  • Communications in Social Marketing - Dana L. Alden Michael D. Basil Sameer Deshpande
  • New Media in Social Marketing - Darren Mays James B. Weaver III Jay M. Bernhardt
  • Research – Its Roles and Techniques
  • Preface to Research – Its Roles and Techniques
  • Evaluation in Social Marketing - Martine Stead Robert J. McDermott
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Social Marketing - Simone Pettigrew Michele Roberts
  • Measurement in Quantitative Methods - Fiona J. Harris
  • Dancing with the Devil
  • Preface to Dancing with the Devil
  • Critical Marketing: Applications - Janet Hoek
  • Social Marketing's Response to the Alcohol Problem: Who's Conducting the Orchestra? - Sandra C. Jones
  • From Social Marketing to Corporate Social Marketing – Changing Consumption Habits as the New Frontier of Corporate Social Responsibility - Guido Palazzo
  • Ethical Challenges in Commercial Social Marketing - Thomas Boysen Anker Klemens Kappel
  • Internal Social Marketing: Lessons from the Field of Services Marketing - Anne M. Smith
  • Upstream and Social Change
  • Preface to Upstream and Social Change
  • Impoverished Consumers and Social Marketing - Ronald Paul Hill
  • Social Marketing and International Development - Georgina Cairns Bruce Mackay Laura MacDonald
  • Social Marketing for a Sustainable Environment - Sue Peattie Ken Peattie
  • Business as Unusual: The Contribution of Social Marketing to Government Policymaking and Strategy Development - Jeff French
  • Social Marketing in Practice: Case Studies
  • Preface to Social Marketing in Practice: Case Studies
  • Social Marketing and Advocacy - William D. Novelli Boe Workman
  • Social Marketing and Tobacco Control - Timothy Dewhirst Wonkyong Beth Lee
  • Social Marketing and the Health Educator - Robert J. McDermott Kelli R. McCormack Brown Rosemary Thackeray
  • Social Marketing: A Future Rooted in the past - William Smith