The SAGE Handbook of Social Gerontology

Editor/Author Dannefer, Dale and Phillipson, Chris
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-3464-0
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Social Gerontology provides a comprehensive overview of key trends and issues in the field of ageing, drawing upon the full range of social science disciplines. The volume reflects the emergence of ageing as a global concern, drawing upon international scholars from Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Fundamental and Disciplinary Perspectives on Ageing
  • The Study of the Life Course: Implications for Social Gerontology - Dale Dannefer Richard A. Settersten, Jr.
  • Past as Prologue: Toward a Global History of Ageing - W. Andrew Achenbaum
  • The Economics of Ageing - James H. Schulz
  • Social Anthropology and Ageing - Christine L. Fry
  • The Demography of Ageing - Christina Victor
  • Epidemiology of Ageing - Dawn Alley and Eileen Crimmins
  • Disability and Ageing: The Social Construction of Causality - Jessica Kelley-Moore
  • Environmental Perspectives on Ageing - Hans-Werner Wahl Frank Oswald
  • Ageing and Social Structure
  • Age and Inequality in Global Context - Angela M. O'Rand Katelin Isaacs Leslie Roth
  • Gender and Ageing in the Context of Globalization - Toni Calasanti
  • Ageing and Health Among Hispanics/Latinos in the Americas - Kyriakos Markides, Jennifer Salinas and Rebeca Wong
  • Religion and Age - Peter G. Coleman
  • Intergenerational Relationships of International Migrants in Developed Nations: The United States and France - Merril Silverstein and Claudine Attias-Donfut
  • Family and Age in a Global Perspective - Ariela Lowenstein and Ruth Katz
  • Intergenerational Relations: Asian Perspectives - Leng Leng Thang
  • Societal Dynamics in Personal Networks - Theo van Tilburg and Fleur Thomése
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Ageing: Shattering Myths, Capturing Lives - Dana Rosenfeld
  • Friendship and Ageing - Graham Allan
  • Ageing and Individual Change
  • Age, Self, and Identity in the Global Century - Jon Hendricks
  • Social Structure, Cognition, and Ageing - Duane F. Alwin
  • Stress and Agentic Ageing: A Targeted Adaptation Model Focused on Cancer - Eva Kahana Boaz Kahana
  • Agency and Social Structure in Aging and Life-course Research - Victor W. Marshall and Philippa J. Clarke
  • Age, Experience, and the Beginning of Wisdom - Monika Ardelt
  • Loneliness and Ageing: Comparative Perspectives - Marja Jylhä and Marja Saarenheimo
  • Biosocial Interactions in the Construction of Late-life Health Status - Kathryn Z. Douthit and Andre Marquis
  • Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment in Social and Cultural Context - Danny George and Peter Whitehouse
  • Sociocultural Perspectives on Ageing Bodies - Stephen Katz
  • Time and Ageing: Enduring and Emerging Issues - Jan Baars
  • Ageing, Culture, and Development
  • Ageing and International Development - Peter Lloyd-Sherlock
  • Migration and Age - Tony Warnes
  • Global Ageing: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa - Isabella Aboderin
  • Population Ageing and Old-age Insurance in China - Zeng Yi and Linda K. George
  • Ageing in a Global Context: The Asia-Pacific Region- David R. Phillips, Alfred C.M. Chan and Sheung-Tak Cheng
  • The Significance of Grandparents to Grandchildren: An International Perspective - Peter Uhlenberg and Michelle Cheuk
  • A Social View on Healthy Ageing: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives and Australian Evidence - H. Kendig and C. Browning
  • Social Dimensions of Anti-ageing Science and Medicine - Robert H. Binstock and Jennifer R. Fishman
  • The New Ageing Enterprise - Harry R. Moody
  • Ageing and Social Policy
  • Social Policies for Ageing Societies: Perspectives from Europe - Thomas Scharf
  • Globalization, Social Policy, and Ageing: A North American Perspective - Carroll L. Estes and Steven P. Wallace
  • Social Policies for Ageing Societies: Australasian Perspectives - Michael Fine and Sally Keeling
  • Cross-National Trends in Work and Retirement - Philip Taylor
  • Continuous and Long-term Care: European Perspectives - Caroline Glendinning
  • Long-term Care in China and Japan - Yun Zhou and Yuzhi Liu
  • Ageing and Quality of Life in Europe - Alan Walker
  • Later Life and Imprisonment - Azrini Wahidin and Ronald H. Aday
  • Ageing and Urban Society: Growing Old in the ‘Century of the City’ - Chris Phillipson
  • Technology and Older People - Claudine McCreadie
  • End-of-Life Issues - Liz Lloyd
  • Ethics and Old Age: The Second Generation - Martha Holstein
  • The Politics of Ageing - Susan A. MacManus with the assistance of Andrea L. Polk and David J. Bonanza