The SAGE Handbook of Race and Ethnic Studies

Editor/Author Collins, Patricia Hill and Solomos, John
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-0-7619-4220-7
Category: Social Sciences
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Race and Ethnic Studies is a vital resource for researchers and students with a panoramic, critical survey of the field. It is a rigorous, focused examination of the central questions in the field today.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Chapter 1 Introduction: Situating Race and Ethnic Studies - Patricia Hill Collins and John Solomos
  • Part I Locating the Field: Theoretical and Historical Foundations
  • Introduction to Part I
  • Chapter 2 Theorising Race and Ethnicity: Contemporary Paradigms and Perspectives - Caroline Knowles
  • Chapter 3 Studying ‘Race’ and Ethnicity: Dominant and Marginalised Discourses in the Critical North American Case - Joe R. Feagin and Eileen O'Brien
  • Chapter 4 Researching Race and Ethnicity: Methodological Issues - Nancy A. Denton and Glenn D. Deane
  • Chapter 5 The Spirit Lives on: Races and Disciplines - Chetan Bhatt
  • Part II Race, Ethnicity and Social Hierarchy
  • Introduction to Part II
  • Chapter 6 Racism, Class and the Dialectics of Social Transformation - Satnam Virdee
  • Chapter 7 The Nexus of Race and Gender: Parallels, Linkages, and Divergences in Race and Gender Studies - Margaret L. Andersen
  • Chapter 8 Ethnicities and Sexualities - Joane Nagel
  • Chapter 9 Nation and Post-Nation: Nationalism, Transnationalism and Intersections of Belonging - Floya Anthias
  • Part III The Social Organisation of Race and Ethnicity
  • Introduction to Part III
  • Chapter 10 Multiculturalism and Racial Democracy: State Policies and Social Practices - Peter Kivisto
  • Chapter 11 Law, Critical Race Theory and Related Scholarship - Athena D. Mutua
  • Chapter 12 Ethnic Conflict - Ralph Premdas
  • Chapter 13 Globalisation, Migration and Citizenship - Liza Schuster
  • Part IV Debates and New Initiatives
  • Introduction to Part IV
  • Chapter 14 The Family as a Race Institution - Maxine Baca Zinn
  • Chapter 15 Race, Ethnicity and Education: The Search for Explanations - James A. Banks and Caryn Park
  • Chapter 16 Still the ‘Most Segregated Hour’: Religion, Race and the American Experience - Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
  • Chapter 17 Whiteness in the Dramaturgy of Racism - Les Back
  • Chapter 18 No Longer Invisible: Afro-Latin Political Mobilisation - Michael G. Hanchard and Mark Q. Sawyer
  • Chapter 19 Diaspora and Hybridity - Claire Alexander
  • Chapter 20 Issues for the Twenty-first Century - Patricia Hill Collins and John Solomos