European Multiculturalisms: Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Challenges

Editors: Triandafyllidou, Anna, Modood, Tariq and Meer, Nasar
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

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ISBN: 978-0-74-864452-0
Category: Social Sciences - Ethnic Studies
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Each chapter in this interdisciplinary book reviews the actual state of affairs in several countries in relation to the theories behind immigrant minority claims.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on the Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1 Introduction: Diversity, Integration, Secularism and MulticulturalismAnna Triandafyllidou, Tariq Modood and Nasar Meer
  • PART I Theoretical Developments in a Comparative European Perspective
  • 2 Framing Contemporary Citizenship and Diversity in Europe Tariq Modood and Nasar Meer
  • 3 The Multicultural States We're In Nasar Meer and Tariq Modood
  • 4 Beyond Post-national Citizenship: Access, Consequence, Conditionality Per Mouritsen
  • 5 Islamic Difference and the Return of Feminist Universalism Nilüfer Göle and Julie Billaud
  • PART II Cultural Diversity and Policy Responses in the European Union
  • 6 Religious Diversity and Education: Intercultural and Multicultural Concepts and Policies Ruby Gropas and Anna Triandafyllidou
  • 7 Active Immigrants in Multicultural Contexts: Democratic Challenges in Europe Ricard Zapata-Barrero and Ruby Gropas
  • 8 Not a One-way Road? Integration as a Concept and as a Policy Frauke Miera
  • 9 Ethnic Statistics in Europe: The Paradox of Colourblindness Angéline Escafré-Dublet and Patrick Simon