Education Around the World: Education in East and Central Africa

Editor: Charl Wolhuter
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Bloomsbury

ISBN: 978-1-4725-0541-5
Category: Social Sciences - Education
Image Count: 12
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

Exploring the development of educational provision and contemporary issues, this book covers Djibouti, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Angola, Burundi, Rwanda and more.

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Table of Contents

  • Series Editor's Preface
  • Notes on the Contributors
  • Introduction: Education in East and Central Africa: A Regional Overview - Charl Wolhuter
  • 1 Angola: An Overview - Pedro Nsiangengo, Diasala Jacinto André and Charl C. Wolhuter
  • 2 Burundi: Trends and Challenges - Hermenegilde Rwantabagu
  • 3 The Central African Republic: The Vicious Circle of Economic Underdevelopment and Dysfunctional Education - Mossoa Lambert and Charl C. Wolhuter
  • 4 Republic of Congo: Education and Labour Market - Christophe Jalil Nordman and Mathias Kuépié
  • 5 The Democratic Republic of the Congo: An Overview - Rachel Nsimire Bigawa
  • 6 Djibouti: Formal and Non-formal Education - Rachel Solomon Tsehaye
  • 7 Equatorial Guinea and São Tomé and Principé: Context, Analysis and Comparison - Pierre Marie Njiale
  • 8 Eritrea: Educational Development Pre- and Post-Independence - Ravinder Rena
  • 9 Ethiopia: An Overview - Jana Zehle
  • 10 The Republic of Gabon: An Overview - Jacques Ginestié and Jean Sylvian Bekale Nze
  • 11 Kenya: An Overview - BO. Nyatuka
  • 12 Rwanda: An Overview - Wenceslas Nzabalirwa
  • 13 Somalia: Succeeding in a Failed State - Michael Brophy
  • 14 South Sudan: An Overview - Petrus J. du Toit
  • 15 Tanzania: Revisiting Eastern and Central African Education Systems - William A. L. Anangisye and Daniel Fussy
  • 16 Uganda: An Overview - Stephen Ndawula and David Henry Ngobi
  • 17 Zambia: An Overview of Formal Education - Gift Masaiti and Joseph Chita