Teen Finance Series: Savings and Investment Information for Teens

Editor/Author Bellenir, Karen
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-7808-1064-8
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Finance, Personal
Image Count: 3
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

Provides information for teens about strategies for saving money, investment options, and economic factors that affect personal wealth.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One—How The Economy Works
  • Chapter 1—The History Of Money
  • Chapter 2—The American Experience With Money
  • Chapter 3—The Federal Reserve System And How It Affects You
  • Chapter 4—Small Business And Corporations In The U.S. Economy
  • Chapter 5—Strong Dollar, Weak Dollar: Foreign Exchange Rates And The U.S. Economy
  • Chapter 6—What Determines Interest Rates?
  • Chapter 7—Inflation And The Consumer Price Index
  • Part Two: Keys To Wealth Development
  • Chapter 8—Develop A Financial Plan
  • Chapter 9—Investment Choices And Risk Tolerance
  • Chapter 10—Advice For Investing Wisely
  • Chapter 11—A Beginner's Guide To Asset Allocation, Diversification, And Rebalancing .
  • Chapter 12—A Beginner's Guide To Financial Statements
  • Chapter 13—Working With Financial Professionals
  • Chapter 14—Understanding Securities Analyst Recommendations
  • Chapter 15—How To Avoid The Most Common Investment Scams
  • Chapter 16—Beware Of Online Perils And Internet Fraud
  • Part Three: Banks And Bonds
  • Chapter 17—Basic Facts About Banks And Banking
  • Chapter 18—Internet And High-Tech Banking Options
  • Chapter 19—Pros And Cons Of Different Savings Options
  • Chapter 20—Account Choices To Consider For Saving Money
  • Chapter 21—A Guide To Deposit Insurance Coverage
  • Chapter 22—What You Should Know About Certificates Of Deposit (CDs)
  • Chapter 23—What Are Bonds?
  • Chapter 24—Understanding Savings Bonds
  • Chapter 25—Treasury Bonds And Other Treasury Instruments
  • Chapter 26—Municipal And Corporate Bonds
  • Part Four: Stocks And Mutual Funds
  • Chapter 27—Understanding Stocks
  • Chapter 28—How The Stock Market Works
  • Chapter 29—Types Of Investment Companies
  • Chapter 30—Understanding Mutual Funds
  • Chapter 31—How Mutual Fund And Other Investment Companies Operate
  • Chapter 32—Exchange Traded Funds And Index Funds
  • Chapter 33—What Is A Hedge Fund?
  • Chapter 34—What To Expect When You Invest In Stocks
  • Chapter 35—What Happens When You Place An Order To Buy Or Sell A Stock?
  • Chapter 36—What Are Direct Investment Plans?
  • Chapter 37—Investing In Foreign Stocks
  • Chapter 38—Microcap Stocks: Among The Most Risky
  • Chapter 39—Day Trading: Your Dollars At Risk
  • Part Five: If You Need More Information
  • Chapter 40—Directory Of Savings And Investment Organizations
  • Chapter 41—Additional Reading About Saving And Investing