Teen Finance Series: Debt Information for Teens

Editor/Author Bellenir, Karen
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-0-7808-1215-4
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Finance, Personal
Image Count: 20
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Tips for a successful financial life, including facts about the economy and personal finances, money management, interest rates, loans, credit cards, predatory lending practices, and resolving debt-related problems.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: The Economy And Your Wallet
  • Chapter 1—Teens And Dollars
  • Chapter 2—U.S. Coins And Currency
  • Chapter 3—Capital, Consumption, And Productivity
  • Chapter 4—A Look At The U.S. Economy
  • Chapter 5—Understanding U.S. Monetary Policy And Interest Rates
  • Chapter 6—U.S. Public Debt
  • Part Two: Personal Money Management
  • Chapter 7—Managing Money In The Real World
  • Chapter 8—Budgeting Basics
  • Chapter 9—Spending Money Wisely
  • Chapter 10—Saving Money
  • Chapter 11—You And Your Bank
  • Chapter 12—Electronic Banking
  • Chapter 13—Facts About Checking Accounts
  • Chapter 14—Protecting Yourself From Overdraft And Bounced-Check Fees
  • Chapter 15—Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft
  • Part Three: Establishing And Using Credit
  • Chapter 16—Establishing And Protecting Your Credit
  • Chapter 17—Borrowing Basics
  • Chapter 18—Credit Reports And Credit Scores
  • Chapter 19—Your Access To Free Credit Reports
  • Chapter 20—Getting A Loan
  • Chapter 21—Beware Of Predatory Lending Practices
  • Chapter 22—Installment Loans
  • Chapter 23—Vehicle Financing
  • Chapter 24—Financing Your Education After High School
  • Chapter 25—Planning For Independence
  • Part Four: Credit Cards
  • Chapter 26—Basic Facts About Credit Cards
  • Chapter 27—Important Differences Between Debit And Credit Cards
  • Chapter 28—Choosing And Using Credit Cards
  • Chapter 29—Getting The Most From Your Credit Card
  • Chapter 30—Credit Card Interest And Fees Affect How Much You Pay
  • Chapter 31—Understanding The Extra Cost Of Minimum Payments
  • Chapter 32—Your Credit Card Rights And Responsibilities
  • Chapter 33—Avoid These Credit Card Tricks
  • Chapter 34—Plastic Fraud: Don't Be A Victim
  • Part Five: Identifying And Resolving Debt-Related Problems
  • Chapter 35—Knee Deep In Debt
  • Chapter 36—Laws That Regulate Credit
  • Chapter 37—Facts About Credit Repair And Debt Relief Services
  • Chapter 38—How To Dispute Credit Report Errors
  • Chapter 39—When Debt Collectors Call
  • Chapter 40—Vehicle Repossession
  • Chapter 41—Bankruptcy: A Last Resort
  • Part Six: If You Need More Information
  • Chapter 42—Interactive Tools, Online Calculators, And Other Web-Based Resources
  • Chapter 43—Additional Resources For Learning More About Money