Teen Finance Series: Cash and Credit Information for Teens

Editor/Author Bellenir, Karen
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-7808-1065-5
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Finance, Personal
Image Count: 11
Book Status: Pending
Predicted Release Month:
Table of Contents

Provides information for teens about earning and managing money, spending and using credit wisely, and avoiding fraud. Includes index, resource information, and a list of online money management tools.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: Earning Money
  • Chapter 1—Facts About The Money In Your Wallet
  • Chapter 2—Do You Get An Allowance?
  • Chapter 3—Jobs For Teens
  • Chapter 4—Finding A Summer Job Or Internship
  • Chapter 5—Want To Be Your Own Boss?
  • Chapter 6—Tax Information For Students
  • Part Two: Managing Your Money
  • Chapter 7—Making Your Money Grow
  • Chapter 8—Preparing A Budget
  • Chapter 9—Banking Basics
  • Chapter 10—Electronic Banking
  • Chapter 11—Avoiding Costly Banking Mistakes
  • Chapter 12—Managing Your Savings Account
  • Chapter 13—What You Should Know About Checking Accounts
  • Chapter 14—Insurance: Protecting Your Assets
  • Chapter 15—Another Good Use Of Your Money: Helping Others
  • Part Three: Being A Savvy Consumer
  • Chapter 16—Shopping And Impulse Buying
  • Chapter 17—It's On Sale, But Is It A Good Deal?
  • Chapter 18—Online Shopping: A Guide For E-Consumers
  • Chapter 19—Payment Options For Purchases
  • Chapter 20—Facts For Consumers: How To Right A Wrong
  • Chapter 21—What You Should Know About Warranties And Service Contracts
  • Chapter 22—Shopping For A Cell Phone Plan
  • Chapter 23—Buying A Computer
  • Chapter 24—Buying Jewelry
  • Chapter 25—Buying Your First Car
  • Chapter 26—CD, Book, And Video Buying Clubs
  • Part Four: Using Credit And Credit Cards
  • Chapter 27—What You Need To Know About Credit
  • Chapter 28—Borrowing Basics
  • Chapter 29—Choosing A Credit Card
  • Chapter 30—Other Plastic: Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, And More
  • Chapter 31—Installment Loans
  • Chapter 32—Car Loans
  • Chapter 33—Education Loans
  • Part Five: Avoiding Financial Pitfalls
  • Chapter 34—Avoid Out-Of-Control Debt
  • Chapter 35—Watch Out For Predatory Lending Practices
  • Chapter 36—If Your Credit, ATM, Or Debit Cards Are Lost Or Stolen
  • Chapter 37—Identity Theft And Identity Fraud
  • Chapter 38—Con Artists Want Your Money: Avoid These Scams And Schemes
  • Chapter 39—Avoid Modeling Scams
  • Chapter 40—Travel Fraud: Avoiding A Spring Break Bust
  • Chapter 41—Gambling: Don't Bet On Winning
  • Part Six: If You Need More Information
  • Chapter 42—Online Money Management Tools
  • Chapter 43—Resources For Financial Information