Teen Health Series: Pregnancy Information for Teens

Editor/Author Magill, Elizabeth
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-7808-1220-8
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
Image Count: 8
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

Comprehensive information on teen pregnancy, including the associated risks for mother and child.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: Understanding The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy
  • Chapter 1—The Risks Of Teenage Pregnancy
  • Chapter 2—Recent Teen Pregnancy Statistics
  • Chapter 3—When Pregnancy Is A Result Of Abuse
  • Chapter 4—Preventing Teen Pregnancy
  • Chapter 5—Questions And Answers About Sexuality Education
  • Chapter 6—Birth Control Methods
  • Chapter 7—Teen Pregnancy And The Media
  • Part Two: If You Think You're Pregnant
  • Chapter 8—Finding Out If You're Pregnant
  • Chapter 9—Telling Parents You're Pregnant
  • Chapter 10—Thinking About Abortion
  • Chapter 11—Thinking About Adoption
  • Chapter 12—Thinking About Parenting
  • Part Three: Staying Healthy During Your Pregnancy
  • Chapter 13—Having A Healthy Pregnancy
  • Chapter 14—Prenatal Care And Tests
  • Chapter 15—Taking Vitamins With Folic Acid During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 16—The Stages Of Pregnancy
  • Chapter 17—The Physical Changes And Discomforts Of Pregnancy
  • Chapter 18—Nutrition And Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 19—Eating Disorders During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 20—Sleeping During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 21—Depression During And After Pregnancy
  • Chapter 22—Medicines And Pregnancy
  • Chapter 23—X-Rays During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 24—Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 25—Smoking During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 26—Caffeine Use During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 27—Illicit Drug Use During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 28—Environmental Risks And Pregnancy
  • Chapter 29—Abuse During Pregnancy
  • Part Four: High-Risk Pregnancies And Pregnancy Complications
  • Chapter 30—High-Risk Pregnancy
  • Chapter 31—Genetic Testing
  • Chapter 32—Pregnancy Complications
  • Chapter 33—Anemia During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 34—Preeclampsia
  • Chapter 35—Preterm Labor And Birth
  • Chapter 36—Managing Asthma And Allergies During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 37—If You Are Pregnant And Diabetic
  • Chapter 38—Gestational Diabetes
  • Chapter 39—Preparing For Multiple Births
  • Chapter 40—Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Chapter 41—Miscarriage And Stillbirth
  • Part Five: Childbirth
  • Chapter 42—Your Developing Baby
  • Chapter 43—Items Your Baby Will Need
  • Chapter 44—Making Your Home Safe For Baby
  • Chapter 45—Taking Classes To Prepare For Baby
  • Chapter 46—Creating Your Birth Plan
  • Chapter 47—Birthing Centers And Hospital Maternity Services
  • Chapter 48—Labor And Birth
  • Chapter 49—Recovering From Birth
  • Part Six: Your Newborn
  • Chapter 50—Your Baby's First Hours Of Life
  • Chapter 51—Breastfeeding
  • Chapter 52—Bringing Your Baby Home
  • Chapter 53—Newborn Care And Safety
  • Part Seven: Teen Parenting Problems And Solutions
  • Chapter 54—Completing Your Education
  • Chapter 55—Considering Emancipation From Your Parents
  • Chapter 56—Finding A Place To Live
  • Chapter 57—Second Chance Homes
  • Chapter 58—Health Insurance Options For Women
  • Chapter 59—WIC:The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women, Infants, And Children
  • Chapter 60—Vaccines For Uninsured Children
  • Chapter 61—Understanding Child Care Options
  • Chapter 62—Finding Help Paying For Child Care
  • Chapter 63—Child Custody
  • Chapter 64—Child Support
  • Chapter 65—Teen Fatherhood Rights And Responsibilities
  • Part Eight: If You Need More Information
  • Chapter 66—Directory Of Teen Pregnancy Resources
  • Chapter 67—Directory Of Assistance Resources For Low-Income Pregnant Women
  • Chapter 68—Directory Of Education Resources For Teen Parents