Teen Health Series: Diabetes Information for Teens

Editor/Author Bellenir, Karen
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-7808-1218-5
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
Image Count: 8
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

Comprehensive information about the various types of diabetes, management of the disease, and ways to avoid its potential long-term consequences. Gives coping tips for teens in dealing with emotional aspects of the disease and integrating its management into daily life.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: Understanding Diabetes
  • Chapter 1—Facts And Statistics About Diabetes
  • Chapter 2—Diabetes In Children And Adolescents
  • Chapter 3—Minorities Disproportionately Affected By Diabetes.
  • Chapter 4—Metabolic Syndrome: An Early Warning Sign
  • Chapter 5—Insulin Resistance And Pre-Diabetes
  • Chapter 6—Type 1 Diabetes
  • Chapter 7—Type 2 Diabetes
  • Chapter 8—Double Diabetes
  • Chapter 9—Gestational Diabetes And Diabetes-Related Women's Concerns
  • Chapter 10—Monogenic Forms Of Diabetes
  • Chapter 11—Diabetes Research
  • Part Two: Medical Management Of Diabetes
  • Chapter 12—You And Your Diabetes Care Team
  • Chapter 13—Improving Self-Care In Young People With Diabetes
  • Chapter 14—Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers.
  • Chapter 15—Blood Glucose Monitoring.
  • Chapter 16—Alternate Site Testing.
  • Chapter 17—Diabetes Medicines.
  • Chapter 18—Facts About Insulin
  • Chapter 19—Insulin Pumps.
  • Chapter 20—Managing Hypoglycemia
  • Chapter 21 —Managing Hyperglycemia.
  • Chapter 22—Diabetic Ketoacidosis.
  • Part Three: Nutrition, Physical Activity, And Weight Management
  • Chapter 23—The Truth About The Diabetes Diet
  • Chapter 24—Making Healthy Food Choices
  • Chapter 25—Meal Plans And Diabetes.
  • Chapter 26—Carbohydrate Counting
  • Chapter 27—Diabetes And Dietary Supplements.
  • Chapter 28—Physical Activity And Diabetes.
  • Chapter 29—Sports, Exercise, And Diabetes.
  • Chapter 30—Stay At A Healthy Weight
  • Part Four: Mental Health And Lifestyle Issues
  • Chapter 31 —Diabetes And Your Feelings.
  • Chapter 32—Tips For Handling The Ups And Downs Of Diabetes
  • Chapter 33—The Link Between Diabetes And Depression.
  • Chapter 34—Diabetes And Eating Disorders.
  • Chapter 35—Diabetes Support In Schools: Improvement Needed
  • Chapter 36—Tips For Dealing With Diabetes At School
  • Chapter 37—Driving When You Have Diabetes
  • Chapter 38—Traveling When You Have Diabetes
  • Chapter 39—Handling Diabetes When You're Sick
  • Chapter 40—If Your Friend Or Family Member Has Diabetes
  • Part Five: The Physical Complications Of Diabetes
  • Chapter 41 —Diabetes-Related Health Concerns
  • Chapter 42—Cardiovascular Disease And Diabetes
  • Chapter 43—Diabetic Nerve Damage
  • Chapter 44—Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Chapter 45—Kidney Disease Of Diabetes.
  • Chapter 46—Gastroparesis.
  • Chapter 47—Tooth And Gum Problems Caused By Diabetes
  • Chapter 48—Foot And Skin Problems Caused By Diabetes
  • Chapter 49—Acanthosis Nigricans
  • Chapter 50—Sexual And Urologic Problems of Diabetes
  • Chapter 51—The Diabetes Control And Complications Trial And Follow-Up Study.
  • Part Six: If You Need More Information
  • Chapter 52—Resources For Diabetes Information
  • Chapter 53—Finding Diabetes-Friendly Recipes And Cookbooks.