All That Matters: Philosophy

Editor/Author Baggini, Julian
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

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ISBN: 978-1-44-415583-9
Category: Philosophy
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

In Philosophy: All That Matters, bestselling philosopher Julian Baggini shows how abstract ideas feed into the most important existential questions of all. From ethics and metaphysics, to the philosophy of science and religion, Baggini explains what makes us different to other species, why philosophy lies at the heart of that difference, and why that matters.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • 1 Why philosophy matters
  • 2 In search of truth
  • 3 Representing reality
  • 4 Ultimate reality
  • 5 Modelling the universe
  • 6 Surveying the heavens
  • 7 Who and what are we?
  • 8 The value of art
  • 9 States and nature
  • 10 Doing right and doing well
  • 11 The meaning of life
  • Appendix: 100 Ideas