Anderson's Nursing Leadership, Management, and Professional Practice For The LPN/LVN In Nursing School And Beyond

Editor/Author Dahlkemper, Tamara R.
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: F.A.Davis Company

ISBN: 978-0-80-362960-8
Category: Health & Medicine - Nursing
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Table of Contents

Be prepared to care for patients and to handle the growing workload youll encounter in the diverse settings in which LPN/LVNs practice. Mary Ann Andersons trademark, easy-to-read, writing style teaches you the information you need to successfully transition from student to LPN/LVN. It presents the basic information on the skills and knowledge you need to fulfill the leadership and management roles, with an emphasis on the humanistic aspects of caring. Plus, a wealth of activities online at DavisPlus (

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Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Contributors
  • Reviewers
  • Acknowledgments
  • UNIT 1 The Nursing Profession in Today's Healthcare Environment
  • Chapter 1. Historical Perspective and Current Trends
  • Chapter 2. Caring as a Personal and Professional Behavior
  • Chapter 3. Understanding the Changing Roles in Nursing
  • Chapter 4. Healthcare Environment
  • Chapter 5. Nursing and Informatics
  • UNIT 2. From Student to Nurse
  • Chapter 6. Fulfill Your Role as a Student
  • Chapter 7. The Importance of Critical Thinking
  • Chapter 8. Entry Into Practice
  • Chapter 9. Employment Process
  • Chapter 10. Leadership and Management as a Professional Concept
  • Chapter 11. Communication Skills in Leadership and Management
  • Chapter 12. Considering Culture
  • Chapter 13. Understanding Benefits of Change
  • Chapter 14. Setting Meaningful Priorities
  • Chapter 15. Welcome to Conflict
  • Chapter 16. Dealing with Chaos
  • Chapter 17. Ethics and Law in Nursing Management
  • Chapter 18. Understanding Use of Power
  • Chapter 19. Motivating Employees
  • Chapter 20. Team Building
  • Chapter 21. Making Assignments, Coaching, and Analyzing Performance
  • Appendix. Grammar