Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Procedures

Editor/Author Hackett, Timothy B. and Mazzaferro, Elisa M.
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-47-095855-1
Category: Animals & Veterinary Medicine
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Table of Contents

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Procedures, Second Edition is a step-by-step guide to key emergency and critical care procedures encountered in both general and specialty practice.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 1 Vascular Access Techniques
  • 2 Nutritional Support and Orogastric Lavage
  • 3 Thoracocentesis and Thoracostomy Tube Placement
  • 4 Oxygen Supplementation and Respiratory Sampling Techniques
  • 5 Urinary Catheter Placement, Urohydropulsion, and Temporary Antepubic Cystostomy Catheter Placement
  • 6 Abdominocentesis and Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage
  • 7 Pericardiocentesis and Pericardial Drainage Catheter
  • 8 Central Venous Pressure
  • 9 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • 10 Continuous Rate Infusions