Vegetation Ecology

Editors: van der Maarel, Eddy and Franklin, Janet
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-44-433888-1
Category: Science - Botany
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Table of Contents

Vegetation Ecology, 2nd Edition is aimed at advanced undergraduates, graduates and researchers and teachers in plant ecology, geography, forestry and nature conservation. Vegetation Ecology takes an integrated, multidisciplinary approach and will be welcomed as an essential reference for plant ecologists the world over.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • 1 Vegetation Ecology: Historical Notes and Outline Eddy van der Maarel; Janet Franklin
  • 2 Classification of Natural and Semi-natural Vegetation Robert K. Peet; David W. Roberts
  • 3 Vegetation and Environment: Discontinuities and Continuities Mike P. Austin
  • 4 Vegetation Dynamics Steward T.A. Pickett; Mary L. Cadenasso; Scott J. Meiners
  • 5 Clonality in the Plant Community Brita M. Svensson; Håkan Rydin; Bengt Å. Carlsson
  • 6 Seed Ecology and Assembly Rules in Plant Communities Peter Poschlod; Mehdi Abedi; Maik Bartelheimer; Juliane Drobnik; Sergey Rosbakh; Arne Saatkamp
  • 7 Species Interactions Structuring Plant Communities Jelte van Andel
  • 8 Terrestrial Plant-Herbivore Interactions: Integrating Across Multiple Determinants and Trophic Levels Mahesh Sankaran; Samuel J. McNaughton
  • 9 Interactions Between Higher Plants and Soil-dwelling Organisms Thomas W. Kuyper; Ron G.M. de Goede
  • 10 Vegetation and Ecosystem Christoph Leuschner
  • 11 Diversity and Ecosystem Function Jan Lepš
  • 12 Plant Functional Types and Traits at the Community, Ecosystem and World Level Andrew N. Gillison
  • 13 Plant Invasions and Invasibility of Plant Communities Marcel Rejmánek; David M. Richardson; Petr Pyšek
  • 14 Vegetation Conservation, Management and Restoration Jan P. Bakker
  • 15 Vegetation Types and Their Broad-scale Distribution Elgene O. Box; Kazue Fujiwara
  • 16 Mapping Vegetation from Landscape to Regional Scales Janet Franklin
  • 17 Vegetation Ecology and Global Change Brian Huntley; Robert Baxter