The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy

Editor: Kleinberg, Jeffrey L.
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-47-066631-9
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

A user-friendly guide of best practice for leading groups in various settings and with different populations, which incorporates the latest developments in today's mental health marketplace.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • 1. Introduction to Group Psychotherapy Jeffrey L. Kleinberg
  • Section One: Building the Frame: Theoretical Models
  • Introduction
  • 2. Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy: An Overview Priscilla F. Kauff
  • 3. The Interpersonal Model of Group Psychotherapy Molyn Leszcz; Jan Malat
  • 4. Towards an Integrative Intersubjective and Relational Group Psychotherapy Victor L. Schermer; Cecil A. Rice
  • 5. Integrative Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy Greg Crosby; Donald Altman
  • 6. Functional Subgrouping and the Systems-Centered Approach to Group Therapy Susan P. Gantt
  • 7. The Functional Group Model Sharan L. Schwartzberg; Mary Alicia Barnes
  • 8. It's All About Me: Introduction to Relational Group Psychotherapy Richard M. Billow Contents
  • 9. Resonance among Members and its Therapeutic Value in Group Psychotherapy Avi Berman
  • 10. The Dynamics of Mirror Reactions and their Impact on the Analytic Group Miriam Berger
  • 11. Meeting Maturational Needs in Modern Group Analysis: A Schema for Personality Integration and Interpersonal Effectiveness Elliot Zeisel
  • 12. Developing the Role of the Group Facilitator: Learning from Experience Orit Nuttman-Shwartz; Sarit Shay
  • 13. From Empathically Immersed Inquiry to Discrete Intervention: Are There Limits to Theoretical Purity? Steven L. Van Wagoner
  • Section Two: Groups for Adults
  • Introduction
  • 14. Support and Process-Oriented Therapy Groups Lise Motherwell
  • 15. Working with the Difficult Group Patient Phyllis F. Cohen
  • 16. Working with Primitive Defenses in Group Martha Gilmore
  • 17. Structured Techniques to Facilitate Relating at Various Levels in Group Albert J. Brok
  • 18. Effective Management of Substance Abuse Issues in Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy Marsha Vannicelli
  • 19. Single-Gender or Mixed-Gender Groups: Choosing a Perspective Darryl L. Pure
  • 20. Sexual Diversity in Group Psychotherapy Morris Nitsun
  • 21. Group Therapy For Females Molested In Girlhood Shoshana Ben-Noam
  • 22. Couples Group Psychotherapy: A Quarter of a Century Retrospective Judith Coché
  • 23. The Large Group: Dynamics, Social Implications and Therapeutic Value Haim Weinberg; Daniel J. N. Weishut
  • 24. Dreams and Dreamtelling: A Group Approach Robi Friedman
  • 25. Group Interventions Following Trauma and Disaster Suzanne B. Phillips; Robert H. Klein
  • 26. After the Conflict: Training of Group Supervision in Guatemala Elisabeth Rohr
  • 27. Group Psychotherapy for Patients with Psychosis: A Psychodynamic (Group-Analytic) Approach Ivan Urlić
  • 28. Care for the Caregivers Richard Beck
  • Section Three: Groups for Children
  • Introduction
  • 29. Group Therapy with Children Seth Aronson
  • 30. Adolescent Group Psychotherapy: The Real Work Andrew P. Pojman
  • 31. The Earth as a Classroom: Children's Groups in the Aftermath of Mass Trauma Emily Zeng
  • 32. A Multidisciplinary Treatment Team Model for Youth Offenders in Correctional Treatment Centers: Applying Psychodynamic Group Concepts D. Thomas Stone Jr.; Anne Carson Thomas
  • Section Four: Diversity
  • Introduction
  • 33. Diversity in Groups: Culture, Ethnicity and Race Siddharth Ashvin Shah; Razia Kosi
  • 34. A Spiritually Informed Approach to Group Psychotherapy Alexis D. Abernethy
  • Section Five: Through a Personal Lens
  • Introduction
  • 35. Group Psychotherapy as my Career Path Walter N. Stone
  • 36. My Development as a Group Therapist Marvin L. Aronson
  • 37. Group Psychotherapy with High-Functioning Adults Or, People Like Me! Bonnie J. Buchele