The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mood Disorders

Editor: Power, Mick
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-997892-3
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Mood Disorders, reflects the important and fast-changing advancements that have occurred in theory and practice in unipolar and bipolar mood disorders.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Editor
  • List of Contributors
  • Foreword to First Edition by Kay Redfield Jamison
  • Part I Unipolar Depression
  • 1 The Classification and Epidemiology of Unipolar Depression Paul Bebbington
  • 2 Biological Models of Unipolar Depression Anthony J. Cleare; Lena J. Rane
  • 3 Cognitive Models and Issues David A. Grant; Peter J. Bieling; Zindel V. Segal; Melanie M. Cochrane
  • 4 Psychosocial Models and Issues in Major Depression Antonia Bifulco
  • 5 The Developmental Psychopathology of Depression Katie A. McLaughlin; Louisa C. Michl; Kate L. Herts
  • 6 Biological Treatment of Mood Disorders Charlotte L. Allan; Anya Topiwala; Klaus P. Ebmeier; David Semple; Douglas Steele
  • 7 CBT for Depression Mick Power
  • 8 Interpersonal Psychotherapy of Depression John C. Markowitz
  • 9 Marital Therapy for Dealing with Depression Guy Bodenmann; Ashley Randall
  • 10 Depression: The Challenges of an Integrative, Biopsychosocial Evolutionary Approach Paul Gilbert
  • Part II Bipolar Depression
  • 11 Classification and Epidemiology of Bipolar Disorder Sameer Jauhar; Jonathan Cavanagh
  • 12 Neurobiological Theories of Bipolar Disorder Karine Macritchie; Douglas Blackwood
  • 13 Psychological Theories of and Therapies for Bipolar Disorder Kim Wright
  • 14 Further Integration of Patient, Provider, and Systems Treatment Approaches in Bipolar Disorder: Where New Evidence Meets Practice Reality Sagar V. Parikh; Sidney H. Kennedy
  • 15 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Affective Disorders Matthias Schwannauer
  • 16 Self-Management and the "Expert Patient in Bipolar Disorders" Anne Palmer
  • Part III General Issues
  • 17 Current Approaches to the Assessment of Depression Dave Peck
  • 18 Suicide and Attempted Suicide Andrew K. MacLeod
  • 19 Vulnerability to Depression in Culture, Mind, and Brain Yulia E. Chentsova-Dutton; Andrew G. Ryder
  • 20 Mood Disorders and Chronic Physical Illness Somnath Chatterji; Nicole Bergen
  • 21 Depression in Older People: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Evidence and Practice Ken Laidlaw
  • 22 Summary and New Directions Mick Power