Food Biochemistry and Food Processing

Editor: Simpson, Benjamin K.
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-81-380874-1
Category: Food, Drink, Nutrition
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Table of Contents

In Food Biochemistry and Food Processing, Second Edition, the editors have brought together more than fifty acclaimed academicians and industry professionals from around the world to create this fully revised and updated edition. This book is an indispensable reference and text on food biochemistry and the ever increasing developments in the biotechnology of food processing.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributor List
  • Preface
  • Part 1: Principles/Food Analysis
  • 1. An Introduction to Food Biochemistry Rickey Y. Yada; Brian Bryksa; Wai-kit Nip
  • 2. Analytical Techniques in Food Biochemistry Massimo Marcone
  • 3. Enzymes in Food Analysis Isaac N. A. Ashie
  • 4. Browning Reactions Marta Corzo-Martínez; Nieves Corzo; Mar Villamiel; M Dolores del Castillo
  • 5. Water Chemistry and Biochemistry C. Chieh
  • Part 2: Biotechnology and Ezymology
  • 6. Enzyme Classification and Nomenclature H. Ako; W. K. Nip
  • 7. Biocatalysis, Enzyme Engineering and Biotechnology G. A. Kotzia; D. Platis; I. A. Axarli; E. G. Chronopoulou; C. Karamitros; N. E. Labrou
  • 8. Enzyme Activities D. J. H. Shyu; J. T. C. Tzen; C. L. Jeang
  • 9. Enzymes in Food Processing Benjamin K. Simpson; Xin Rui; Sappasith Klomklao
  • 10. Protein Cross-linking in Food – Structure, Applications, Implications for Health and Food Safety Juliet A. Gerrard; Justine R. Cottam
  • 11. Chymosin in Cheese Making V. V. Mistry
  • 12. Pectic Enzymes in Tomatoes Mary S. Kalamaki; Nikolaos G. Stoforos; Petros S. Taoukis
  • 13. Seafood Enzymes M. K. Nielsen; H. H. Nielsen
  • 14. Seafood Enzymes: Biochemical Properties and Their Impact on Quality Sappasith Klomklao; Soottawat Benjakul; Benjamin K. Simpson
  • Part 3: Meat, Poultry and Seafoods
  • 15. Biochemistry of Raw Meat and Poultry Fidel Toldrá; Milagro Reig
  • 16. Biochemistry of Processing Meat and Poultry Fidel Toldrá
  • 17. Chemical and Biochemical Aspects of Color in Muscle-Based Foods José Angel Pérez-Alvarez; Juana Fernández-López
  • 18. Biochemistry of Fermented Meat Fidel Toldrá
  • 19. Biochemistry of Seafood Processing Y. H. Hui; N. Cross; H. G. Kristinsson; M. H. Lim; W. K. Nip; L. F. Siow; P. S. Stanfield
  • 20. Fish Collagen Soottawat Benjakul; Sitthipong Nalinanon; Fereidoon Shahidi
  • 21. Fish Gelatin Soottawat Benjakul; Phanat Kittiphattanabawon; Joe M. Regenstein
  • 22. Application of Proteomics to Fish Processing and Quality HólmfríÐur Sveinsdóttir; Samuel A. M. Martin; Oddur T. Vilhelmsson
  • Part 4: Milk
  • 23. Dairy Products Terri D. Boylston
  • 24. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Milk Constituents P.F. Fox; A.L. Kelly
  • 25. Biochemistry of Milk Processing A.L. Kelly; P.F. Fox
  • 26. Equid Milk: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Processing T. Uniacke-Lowe; P.F. Fox
  • Part 5: Fruits, Vegetables, and Cereals
  • 27. Biochemistry of Fruits Gopinadhan Paliyath; Krishnaraj Tiwari; Carole Sitbon; Bruce D. Whitaker
  • 28. Biochemistry of Fruit Processing Moustapha Oke; Jissy K. Jacob; Gopinadhan Paliyath
  • 29. Biochemistry of Vegetable Processing Moustapha Oke; Jissy K. Jacob; Gopinadhan Paliyath
  • 30. Non-Enzymatic Browning in Cookies, Crackers and Breakfast Cereals A.C. Soria; M. Villamiel
  • 31. Bakery and Cereal Products J. A. Narvhus; T. S⊘rhaug
  • 32. Starch Synthesis in the Potato Tuber P. Geigenberger; A.R. Fernie
  • 33. Biochemistry of Beer Fermentation Ronnie Willaert
  • 34. Rye Constituents and Their Impact on Rye Processing T. Verwimp; C. M. Courtin; J. A. Delcour
  • Part 6: Health/Functional Foods
  • 35. Biochemistry and Probiotics Claude P. Champagne; Fatemeh Zare
  • 36. Biological Activities and Production of Marine-Derived Peptides Wonnop Vissesangua; Soottawat Benjakul
  • 37. Natural Food Pigments Benjamin K. Simpson; Soottawat Benjakul; Sappasith Klomklao
  • Part 7: Food Processing
  • 38. Thermal Processing Principles Yetenayet Bekele Tola; Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy
  • 39. Minimally Processed Foods Michael O. Ngadi; Sammy S.S. Bajwa; Joseph Alakali
  • 40. Separation Technology in Food Processing John Shi; Sophia Jun Xue; Xingqian Ye; Yueming Jiang; Ying Ma; Yanjun Li; Xianzhe Zheng
  • Part 8: Food Safety and Food Allergens
  • 41. Microbial Safety of Food and Food Products J. A. Odumeru
  • 42. Food Allergens J. I. Boye; A. O. Danquah; Cin Lam Thang; X. Zhao
  • 43. Biogenic Amines in Foods Angelina O. Danquah; Soottawat Benjakul; Benjamin K. Simpson
  • 44. Emerging Bacterial Food-Borne Pathogens and Methods of Detection Catherine M. Logue; Lisa K. Nolan
  • 45. Biosensors for Sensitive Detection of Agricultural Contaminants, Pathogens and Food-Borne Toxins Barry Byrne; Edwina Stack; Richard O'Kennedy
  • Glossary of Compound Schemes