Biosecurity: Understanding, Assessing, and Preventing the Threat

Editor/Author Burnette, Ryan
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-47-061417-4
Category: Social Sciences - Criminology & Law
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Table of Contents

With contributions from experts in all facets of biosecurity, this book explains the fundamental elements of biosecurity as well as the related concepts of biosafety and biosurety, detailing how all three concepts fit within the framework of biodefense. Readers are then given the tools needed to assess and prevent biosecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author
  • PART I An Introduction to Biosecurity
  • CHAPTER 1 Defining Biosecurity and Related Concepts Ryan N. Burnette; Jenna E. Hess; Joseph P. Kozlovac; Jonathan Y. Richmond
  • CHAPTER 2 Biosecurity as a Function of Biosafety Microbiological Laboratories Jonathan Y. Richmond; Ryan N. Burnette; Gigi Kwik Gronvall
  • CHAPTER 3 A Perspective of Biosecurity: Past to Present Robert J. Hawley; Joseph P. Kozlovac
  • CHAPTER 4 Physical Elements of Biosecurity Jeff Slayton; Daniel N. Apple; Benjamin A. Perman
  • CHAPTER 5 Operational Elements of Biosecurity J. Craig Reed; Debra C. Sharpe
  • CHAPTER 6 Basic Principles of Threat Assessment Benjamin A. Perman; Lindsay T. Odell; Jason Griffeth; Daniel N. Apple
  • CHAPTER 7 Biosecurity in Research Laboratories Kavita M. Berger
  • CHAPTER 8 Biosecurity in the Food and Agricultural Industries Henry S. Parker
  • CHAPTER 9 Biosecurity in Mass Transportation Networks Brian K. George
  • CHAPTER 10 Utilizing Biosecurity Principles to Combat Naturally Occurring Epidemics J. Craig Reed; Robert A. Heckert; Patricia Delarosa; Vera Ettenger
  • CHAPTER 11 Current Efforts to Fortify Biosecurity Policy in the U.S. Gigi Kwik Gronvall
  • CHAPTER 12 The Link between Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Daniel N. Apple; Benjamin A. Perman
  • CHAPTER 13 The Importance of Engagement and Education for Effective Biosecurity James Revill; Catherine Jefferson
  • CHAPTER 14 Monitoring and Evaluating Laboratory Biosafety Programs Heather N. Meeks; Betiel H. Haile; Ngozi Erondu; Lisa Ferland; Meeyoung Park; Affan Shaikh; Scott J.N. McNabb
  • CHAPTER 15 The Future of Biosecurity: A Global Context Ryan N. Burnette; J. Craig Reed; Patricia Delarosa
  • Appendix 1 U.S. Food Defense since 9/11: Public Sector Initiatives and Programs Henry S. Parker
  • Appendix 2 Timeline of Selected Events in Biosecurity Policy Gigi Kwik Gronvall