ABC of Major Trauma

Editors: Skinner, David V. and Driscoll, Peter A.
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-72-791859-8
Category: Health & Medicine - Medicine
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Table of Contents

Edited and written by leading UK trauma authorities, this is a truly comprehensive and practical book for everyday use by emergency medicine staff, nurses, hospital doctors, paramedics, and ambulance services.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Abbreviations
  • 1 Initial Assessment and Management: Primary Survey and Resuscitation, David V. Skinner; Peter A. Driscoll
  • 2 Initial Assessment and Management: Secondary Survey, Rachael Pery-Johnston; David V. Skinner
  • 3 The Upper Airway, David Watson; Catherine Peters
  • 4 Thoracic Trauma, Andrew Blyth
  • 5 Hypovolaemic Shock, Jerry P. Nolan; Rick Pullinger
  • 6 Head Injuries, Lisa E. Munro-Davies
  • 7 Maxillofacial Trauma, Steve R. Watt-Smith; Sarah J. Wilson; Karen A. Eley
  • 8 Spine and Spinal Cord Injury, Andrew Swain; Andre Cromhout
  • 9 Abdominal Trauma, Munawar Al-Mudhaffar; Philip Hormbrey
  • 10 The Urinary Tract, Jaskarn Rai; Ajith Malalasekera; Timothy Terry; Anthony Deane
  • 11 Limb Injuries, Rohit Kotnis; Nigel Rossiter; Keith Willett
  • 12 Eye Injuries, John Elston; Andrew Gibson
  • 13 Medical Problems in Trauma Patients, Tom Hughes
  • 14 Radiological Assessment, James Rankine; David Nicholson; Peter A. Driscoll; Dominic Barron
  • 15 Role of the Trauma Nurse, Jill Hill
  • 16 Scoring Systems for Trauma, Maralyn Woodford
  • 17 Handling Distressed Relatives and Breaking Bad News, Chris A. J. McLauchlan
  • 18 Trauma in Pregnancy, Rebecca S. Black; Deborah J. Harrington
  • 19 Paediatric Trauma, John J. M. Black
  • 20 Trauma in the Elderly, Carl L. Gwinnutt; Michael A. Horan
  • 21 Prehospital Trauma Care, John J. M. Black
  • 22 Transfer of the Trauma Patient, Carl L. Gwinnutt; Alastair W. Wilson
  • 23 Management of Severe Burns, Oliver Fenton; Colin Robertson; Orla Austin
  • 24 Chemical Incidents, Virginia Murray
  • 25 Ballistic Injury, Rob Russell; Jon Clasper; Bruce Jenner; Timothy J. Hodgetts; Peter F. Mahoney
  • 26 Trauma in Hostile Environments, Mark Byers; Peter R. Davis; Timothy J. Hodgetts; Peter F. Mahoney
  • 27 Psychological Trauma, Martin P. Deahl
  • 28 Major Incidents, Lizle Blom; John J. M. Black
  • 29 Trauma Systems in Developing Countries, Douglas Wilkinson