ABC of Emergency Radiology

Editor: Chan, Otto
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-47-067093-4
Category: Health & Medicine - Medicine
Image Count: 394
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Table of Contents

The ABC of Emergency Radiology is a simple and logical step-by-step guide on how to interpret radiographs, US and CT. It incorporates all the latest technological advances, including replacing plain radiographs with digital radiographs, changes in imaging protocols and the role of portable US and multidetector CT.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • 1 Introduction: ABCs and Rules of Two, Otto Chan
  • 2 Hand and Wrist, Joe Coyle; Ali Naraghi; Otto Chan
  • 3 Elbow, Muaaze Ahmad
  • 4 Shoulder, Ahmed Daghir; James Teh
  • 5 Pelvis and Hip, Syed Babar; James A. S. Young; Jeremy W. R. Young; Otto Chan
  • 6 Knee, Lisa Meacock; David A. Elias
  • 7 Ankle and Foot, Tudor Hughes
  • 8 Head, Suki Thomson; Amrish Mehta
  • 9 Face, Simon Holmes; Ravikiran Pawar; Jimmy Makdissi; Otto Chan
  • 10 Cervical Spine, Leonard J. King
  • 11 Thoracic and Lumbar Spine, Leonard J. King; Andreas Koureas; Otto Chan
  • 12 Chest, Arjun Nair; Ioannis Vlahos
  • 13 Abdomen, Katie Planche; Niall Power
  • 14 Computed Tomography in Emergency Radiology, Anmol Malhotra; Jeremy Rabouhans
  • 15 Emergency Ultrasound, Tim Fotheringham; Otto Chan; Ian Renfrew
  • 16 Emergency Paediatric Radiology, R. J. Paul Smith; Rosy Jalan; Marina J. Easty
  • 17 Major Trauma, Dominic Barron; Sujit Vaidya; Otto Chan