Ancient Christian Texts: Commentaries on Genesis 1-3

Editors: Severian of Gabala and Bede the Venerable
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: InterVarsity Press

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ISBN: 978-0-8308-2907-1
Category: Religion & Theology - Christianity
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The church fathers displayed considerable interest in the early chapters of Genesis, and often wrote detailed commentaries or preached series of homilies on the Hexameron--the Six Days of Creation. This volume of Ancient Christian Texts offers a first-time English translation of Severian of Gabala's In cosmogoniam and a fresh translation of a portion of Bede the Venerable's Libri quatuor in principium Genesis.

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Table of Contents

  • General Introduction
  • Volume Editor’s Introduction
  • Abbreviations
  • Translator’s Acknowledgments
  • SEVERIAN OF GABALA: Homilies on Creation and Fall
  • Translator’s Introduction to Severian of Gabala
  • Homily One
  • Homily Two
  • Homily Three
  • Homily Four
  • Homily Five
  • Homily Six
  • Homily Seven
  • BEDE THE VENERABLE: Commentary On Genesis: BOOK I
  • Translator’s Introduction to Bede the Venerable
  • Preface
  • Book I