Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles

Editor/Author Eskandarian, Azim
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-0-85729-084-7
Category: Technology & Engineering - Motor vehicles
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles provides a complete coverage of the fundamentals, new technologies, and sub-areas essential to the development of intelligent vehicles. Intended for engineering practitioners, researchers, and graduate students, the book's chapters cover fundamentals, methods, algorithms and also includes how software/hardware are implemented, and demonstrates the advances along with their present challenges.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Biography
  • Acknowledgments
  • List of Contributors
  • 1 Introduction to Intelligent Vehicles Azim Eskandarian
  • Section 1 Overview of Intelligent Vehicle Systems and Approaches Bart van Arem
  • 2 A Strategic Approach to Intelligent Functions in Vehicles Bart van Arem
  • 3 Sensing and Actuation in Intelligent Vehicles Angelos Amditis; Panagiotis Lytrivis; Evangelia Portouli
  • 4 Situational Awareness in Intelligent Vehicles Zoltán Papp
  • 5 Hierarchical, Intelligent and Automatic Controls Bart De Schutter; Jeroen Ploeg; Lakshmi Dhevi Baskar; Gerrit Naus; Henk Nijmeijer
  • 6 Behavioral Adaptation and Acceptance Marieke H. Martens; Gunnar D. Jenssen
  • 7 Simulation Approaches to Intelligent Vehicles Bart van Arem; Martijn van Noort; Bart Netten
  • Section 2 Vehicle Longitudinal and Lateral Control Systems Azim Eskandarian
  • 8 Vehicle Longitudinal Control Jihua Huang
  • 9 Adaptive and Cooperative Cruise Control Fanping Bu; Ching-Yao Chan
  • 10 Vehicle Lateral and Steering Control Damoon Soudbakhsh; Azim Eskandarian
  • Section 3 Special Vehicular Systems Ernst Pucher, Alfred Pruckner, Ralf Stroph and Peter Pfeffer
  • 11 Drive-By-Wire Alfred Pruckner; Ralf Stroph; Peter Pfeffer
  • 12 Energy and Powertrain Systems in Intelligent Automobiles Ernst Pucher; Luis Cachón; Wolfgang Hable
  • Section 4 Positioning, Navigation, and Trajectory Control Peter Handel
  • 13 Global Navigation Satellite Systems: An Enabler for In-Vehicle Navigation John-Olof Nilsson; Dave Zachariah; Isaac Skog
  • 14 Enhancing Vehicle Positioning Data Through Map-Matching Mohammed A. Quddus; Nagendra R. Velagay
  • 15 Situational Awareness and Road Prediction for Trajectory Control Applications Christian Lundquist; Thomas B. Schön; Fredrik Gustafsson
  • 16 Navigation and Tracking of Road-Bound Vehicles Using Map Support Fredrik Gustafsson; Umut Orguner; Thomas B. Schön; Per Skoglar; Rickard Karlsson
  • 17 State-of-the-Art In-Car Navigation: An Overview Isaac Skog; Peter Händel
  • 18 Evolution of in-car Navigation Systems Koichi Nagaki
  • Section 5 Driver Assistance Azim Eskandarian
  • 19 Fundamentals of Driver Assistance Azim Eskandarian
  • 20 Driver Behavior Modeling Samer Hamdar
  • 21 Using Naturalistic Driving Research to Design, Test and Evaluate Driver Assistance Systems Gregory M. Fitch; Richard J. Hanowski
  • 22 Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) Jeremy J. Blum; Azim Eskandarian; Stephen A. Arhin
  • Section 6 Safety and Comfort Systems Werner Huber and Klaus Kompass
  • 23 Safety and Comfort Systems: Introduction and Overview Klaus Kompass; Werner Huber; Thomas Helmer
  • 24 Adaptive Cruise Control Hermann Winner
  • 25 Forward Collision Warning and Avoidance Markus Maurer
  • 26 Lane Departure and Lane Keeping Jens E. Gayko
  • 27 Integral Safety Klaus Kompass; Christian Domsch; Ronald E. Kates
  • 28 Lane Change Assistance Arne Bartels; Marc-Michael Meinecke; Simon Steinmeyer
  • 29 Steering and Evasion Assist Thao Dang; Jens Desens; Uwe Franke; Dariu Gavrila; Lorenz Schäfers; Walter Ziegler
  • 30 Proactive Pedestrian Protection Stefan Schramm; Franz Roth; Johann Stoll; Ulrich Widmann
  • 31 Parking Assist Michael Seiter; Hans-Jörg Mathony; Peter Knoll
  • 32 Post-crash Support Systems Jeffrey S. Augenstein; George T. Bahouth
  • 33 Map Data for ADAS John Craig
  • Section 7 Drowsy and Fatigued Driver Detection, Monitoring, Warning Azim Eskandarian
  • 34 Advances in Drowsy Driver Assistance Systems Through Data Fusion Darrell S. Bowman; William A. Schaudt; Richard J. Hanowski
  • 35 Drowsy Driver Posture, Facial, and Eye Monitoring Methods Jixu Chen; Qiang Ji
  • 36 Drowsy and Fatigued Driving Problem Significance and Detection Based on Driver Control Functions Azim Eskandarian; Ali Mortazavi; Riaz Akbar Sayed
  • 37 Drowsy and Fatigued Driver Warning, Counter Measures, and Assistance Riaz Akbar Sayed; Azim Eskandarian; Ali Mortazavi
  • Section 8 Vision-based Systems Alberto Broggi
  • 38 Image Processing for Vehicular Applications Massimo Bertozzi
  • 39 Camera Technologies Paolo Grisleri
  • 40 Perception Tasks: Lane Detection Luca Mazzei; Paolo Zani
  • 41 Perception Tasks: Obstacle Detection Stefano Debattisti
  • 42 Perception Tasks: Traffic Sign Recognition Pier Paolo Porta
  • 43 Vision-Based ACC Matteo Panciroli
  • 44 Vision-Based Blind Spot Monitoring Elena Cardarelli
  • Section 9 Vehicular Communications Systems Scott Andrews
  • 45 Vehicular Communications Requirements and Challenges Scott Andrews
  • 46 Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Communications and Cooperative Driving Scott Andrews
  • 47 Probes and Intelligent Vehicles Christopher Wilson
  • 48 Threat Model, Authentication, and Key Management Stan Pietrowicz
  • 49 Security, Privacy, Identifications William Whyte
  • Section 10 Fully Autonomous Driving Christian Laugier
  • 50 Autonomous Driving: Context and State-of-the-Art Javier Ibañez-Guzmán; Christian Laugier; John-David Yoder; Sebastian Thrun
  • 51 Modeling and Learning Behaviors Dizan Vasquez; Christian Laugier
  • 52 Vision and IMU Data Fusion: Closed-Form Determination of the Absolute Scale, Speed, and Attitude Agostino Martinelli; Roland Siegwart
  • 53 Vision-Based Topological Navigation: An Implicit Solution to Loop Closure Youcef Mezouar; Jonathan Courbon; Philippe Martinet
  • 54 Awareness of Road Scene Participants for Autonomous Driving Anna Petrovskaya; Mathias Perrollaz; Luciano Oliveira; Luciano Spinello; Rudolph Triebel; Alexandros Makris; John D. Yoder; Christian Laugier; Urbano Nunes; Pierre Bessiere
  • 55 Iterative Motion Planning and Safety Issue Thierry Fraichard; Thomas M. Howard
  • 56 Risk Based Navigation Decisions Anne Spalanzani; Jorge Rios-Martinez; Christian Laugier; Sukhan Lee
  • 57 Probabilistic Vehicle Motion Modeling and Risk Estimation Christopher Tay; Kamel Mekhnacha; Christian Laugier
  • Section 11 A Look to the Future of Intelligent Vehicles Michael Parent
  • 58 Legal Issues of Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving Tom Michael Gasser
  • 59 Intelligent Vehicle Potential and Benefits Claude Laurgeau
  • 60 Applications and Market Outlook Michel Parent