Leadership Assessment for Talent Development

Editor/Author Wall, Tony and Knights, John
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Kogan Page

ISBN: 978-0-74-946861-3
Category: Leadership
Image Count: 20
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

Leadership Assessment for Talent Development considers assessment as a tool within leadership development; a connected process that enables behavioral change in identified talent development areas.

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Table of Contents

  • About the editors
  • 1 Introduction - Tony Wall
  • 2 Twenty-first century needs transpersonal leaders with emotional intelligence - John Knights
  • Twenty-first century leaders
  • The neuroscience of leadership
  • Enabling leaders to become more competent
  • Further resources
  • References
  • Case Study: Increasing the emotional intelligence of Poolia - John Knights
  • Case Study: Leadership assessment in a Japanese logistics company - Dr Kate Julian
  • Tool: Emotion check questions - John Knights and Tony Wall
  • Tool: EI self-assessment questionnaire - John Knights
  • 3 Recurring leadership development needs: findings from research - Etukudo Odungide and John Knights
  • Leadership gaps
  • Research into gaps
  • Top three EI capability gaps
  • Conclusion
  • 4 Blind spots and hidden strengths: findings from research - Etukudo Odungide and John Knights
  • The danger in blind spots and hidden strengths
  • Research into blind spots and hidden strengths
  • Top three hidden strengths
  • Top three blind spots
  • Conclusion
  • 5 Transpersonal leadership journeys and assessment (LEIPA® and 8ICOL®) - John Knights
  • Transpersonal leadership
  • The transpersonal journey
  • The development of 8ICOL®
  • Developing leadership journeys and appropriate assessments
  • Case Study: West Midlands Pension Fund - Nadine Perrins
  • Case Study: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust - Greg Young
  • Tool: Values self-assessment questionnaire - John Knights
  • Tool: The Mindfulness Triangle - Tony Wall
  • 6 Feeding (back and) forwards for talent development - Tony Wall and Danielle Grant
  • Making feedback feed forward through to enhanced performance
  • Case Study: Indirect feeding-forward for entrepreneurial growth - Tony Wall
  • Tool: SCARF check tool - Tony Wall
  • 7 Coaching for talent development - Danielle Grant
  • Setting it up clearly
  • The ‘live laboratory’
  • Coaching to solutions, not problems
  • Coaching to embed positive new behaviour
  • Case Study: Coaching to support alignment to corporate objectives - Danielle Grant
  • Tool: Structure of a problem - Danielle Grant
  • 8 Workplace projects for talent development - Tony Wall and Denise Meakin
  • Learning through real workplace projects
  • Rewarding project learning through academic credit
  • References
  • Case Study: Workplace project for empathetic behaviours - Tony Wall
  • Tools: Project learning question checklist tool - Tony Wall
  • The Meakin Salvage Strategy Tool - Denise Meakin and Tony Wall
  • 9 Director peer groups for team talent development - Chris Gulliver
  • DPGs for team talent development
  • How to set up, structure and run a DPG
  • Using action learning to solve member issues
  • Key aspects of good facilitation of a DPG
  • Case Study: Peer groups to build a team and enable professional consultants to become business coaches Chris Gulliver
  • Case Study: Peer groups and the CEO of a scientific instruments small business
  • Tool: Conditions of membership and/or ground rules Chris Gulliver
  • Tool: Agenda for a DPG meeting
  • Tool: Group issue session topics
  • Tool: Key objectives
  • Tool: Expert session topics
  • Tool: Confidentiality letter for guest attendance at a DPG meeting
  • Tool: Reflection notes
  • Tool: Force field analysis
  • Tool: Feedback on a DPG meeting
  • 10 Storytelling for talent development - Lisa Rossetti
  • Storytelling skills and applications
  • Once upon a time…
  • Tell me another…
  • Look behind you…
  • References
  • Case Study: The role of personal narratives and leadership metaphors in assessment - Lisa Rossetti
  • Tool: Mentoring walks - Lisa Rossetti
  • 11 Improving results through measuring ‘return on investment’ - Philip E Sweet
  • Improving results through measuring RoI
  • Beyond belief
  • Leadership as development
  • Case Study: Provider and client benefits realization - Philip E Sweet
  • Tool: The diligent dozen - Philip E Sweet
  • About the authors