The SAGE Handbook of Workplace Learning

Editors: Malloch, Margaret
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-84-787589-1
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Table of Contents

The volume provides a broad-based, yet incisive analysis of the range of theory, research, and practical developments in workplace learning.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Editors
  • Notes on Contributors
  • General Introduction
  • 1 Theories of Work, Place and Learning: New Directions - Len Cairns and Margaret Malloch
  • 2 Theories of Workplace Learning - Paul Hager
  • 3 Workplaces and Learning - Knud Illeris
  • 4 Workplace Learning and the Organization - Alison Fuller and Lorna Unwin
  • 5 Subjectivity, Self and Personal Agency in Learning Through and for Work - Stephen Billett
  • 6 Learning in the Workplace: Communities of Practice and beyond - Len Cairns
  • 7 Activity Theory and Learning at Work - Yrjö Engeström
  • 8 Informal Learning at Work: Conditions, Processes and Logics - Per-Erik Ellström
  • 9 Towards a Meta-Theory of Learning and Performance - Darlene Russ-Eft
  • 10 Knowledge and Workplace Learning - Nicholas M. Allix
  • 11 Rethinking Work-Based Learning: For Education Professionals and Professionals Who Educate - Karen Evans, David Guile and Judy Harris
  • 12 Researching Workplace Learning: An Overview and Critique - Peter H. Sawchuk
  • 13 How Researching Learning at Work Can Lead to Tools for Enhancing Learning - Michael Eraut
  • 14 Researching Workplace Learning in the United States - Victoria Marsick, Karen Watkins and Bridget N. O'Connor
  • 15 Researching Workplace Learning in Australia - Nicky Solomon and David Boud
  • 16 Researching Workplace Learning in Europe - Hans Gruber and Christian Harteis
  • 17 Initiatives in VET and Workplace Learning: A Korean Perspective - Sang-Duk Choi
  • 18 Age Management in Organisations in the European Union - Gerhard Naegele and Alan Walker
  • 19 Work and Learning: From Schools to Workplaces - Richard D. Lakes
  • 20 Competency-Based Training and its Impact on Workplace Learning in Australia - Allie Clemans and Peter Rushbrook
  • 21 Work-Related Learning in the United States: Past Practices, Paradigm Shifts, and Policies of Partnerships - John M. Dirkx
  • 22 Workplace Learning in East Africa: A Case Study - Martin Mulder and Judith Gulikers
  • 23 Policies for the Knowledge Economy: Knowledge Discourses at Play - Tara Fenwick
  • 24 Virtual Workplace Learning: Promises Met? - Robert G. Brookshire, Kara M. Lybarger and Lynn B. Keane
  • 25 Seeing Workplace Learning Through an Emotional Lens - Brenda R. Beatty
  • 26 Towards a Social Ecology of Adult Learning in and Through the Workplace - Karen Evans, Edmund Waite and Natasha Kersh
  • 27 Beyond the Workplace: Learning in the Lifeplace - Margaret Harris and Colin Chisholm
  • 28 Workplace Learning in the Knowledge Economy: The Development of Vocational Practice and Social Capital - David Guile
  • 29 Workplace Learning and Higher Education - Carol Costley
  • 30 Identifying and Classifying Corporate Universities in the United States - Amy Lui-Abel
  • 31 Partnerships between and among Education and the Public and Private Sectors - Bridget N. O'Connor and Doug Lynch
  • 32 Brave New Workplace: The Impact of Technology on Location and Job Structures - Elizabeth Regan and Chester Delaney
  • 33 Technology and Knowledge Management - Jingli Cheng, Su Jin Son and Curtis J. Bonk
  • 34 Workplace Learning: Organizations, Ethics, and Issues - Craig E. Johnson