The SAGE Handbook of Applied Memory

Editors: Perfect, Timothy J. and Lindsay, D. Stephen
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-44-620842-7
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Applied Memory is the first of its kind to focus specifically on this vibrant and progressive field. It offers a broad and comprehensive coverage of recent theoretical and empirical research advances in the psychology of memory as they apply to a range of applied issues, and offers advanced students and researchers the opportunity to survey the literature in the psychology of memory across a range of applied domains.

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Table of Contents

  • Editorial Board
  • Notes on Editors and Contributors
  • Preface
  • SECTION 1 Everyday Memory
  • 1 Memory for People: Integration of Face, Voice, Name, and Biographical Information - Bennett L. Schwartz
  • 2 Memory for Pictures and Actions - Neil W. Mulligan
  • 3 Prospective Memory and Aging: When It Becomes Difficult and What You Can Do About It - Gilles O. Einstein, Mark A. McDaniel
  • 4 Memory Source Monitoring Applied - D. Stephen Lindsay
  • 5 Spatial Memory: From Theory to Application - Douglas H. Wedell, Adam T. Hutcheson
  • 6 Working Memory Beyond the Laboratory - Jackie Andrade
  • 7 False Memory - Eryn J. Newman, Maryanne Garry
  • 8 Forgetting - Colleen M. Kelley
  • 9 Memory and Emotion - Klaus Fiedler, Mandy Hütter
  • 10 Effects of Environmental Context on Human Memory - Steven M. Smith
  • 11 The Testing Effect - Kathleen B. McDermott Kathleen M. Arnold, Steven M. Nelson
  • 12 Breakdowns in Everyday Memory Functioning Following Moderate-to-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - Eli Vakil
  • SECTION 2 Social and Individual Differences in Memory
  • 13 Sociocultural and Functional Approaches to Autobiographical Memory - Robyn Fivush Theodore, E. A. Waters
  • 14 What Everyone Knows About Aging and Remembering Ain't Necessarily So - Michael Ross, Emily Schryer
  • 15 The Effects of Self-Reference on Memory: A Conceptual and Methodological Review of Inferences Warranted by the Self-Reference Effect - Stanley B. Klein, Christopher R. Nelson
  • 16 Putting the Social Back into Human Memory - William Hirst, Alin Coman, Dora Coman
  • 17 When I Think of You: Memory for Persons and Groups - Natalie A. Wyer
  • 18 Memory, Attitudes, and Persuasion - Geoffrey Haddock
  • 19 Consumer Memory Dynamics: Effects of Branding and Advertising on Formation, Stability, and Use of Consumer Memory - Shanker Krishnan, Lura Forcum
  • 20 What Do Lay People Believe About Memory? - Sean M. Lane, Tanya Karam-Zanders
  • 21 Autobiographical Memory Dynamics in Survey Research - Robert F. Belli
  • 22 Individual Differences in Remembering - Colin M. MacLeod, Tanya R. Jonker, Greta James
  • 23 Experts' Superior Memory: From Accumulation of Chunks to Building Memory Skills That Mediate Improved Performance and Learning - K. Anders Ericsson, Jerad H. Moxley
  • SECTION 3 Subjective Experience of Memory
  • 24 Memory Complaints in Adulthood and Old Age - Christopher Hertzog, Ann Pearman
  • 25 Understanding People's Metacognitive Judgments: An Isomechanism Framework and Its Implications for Applied and Theoretical Research - John Dunlosky, Sarah K. Tauber
  • 26 Metacognitive Control of Study - Janet Metcalfe
  • 27 Metacognitive Control of Memory Reporting - Morris Goldsmith, Ainat Pansky, Asher Koriat
  • 28 Involuntary Autobiographical Memories in Daily Life and in Clinical Disorders - Dorthe Berntsen Lynn A. Watson
  • 29 Epistemic Feelings and Memory - Chris J. A. Moulin, Celine Souchay
  • SECTION 4 Eyewitness Memory
  • 30 Eyewitness Recall: An Overview of Estimator-Based Research - Pär Anders Granhag, Karl Ask, Erik Mac Giolla
  • 31 Interviewing Witnesses - Ronald P. Fisher, Nadja Schreiber Compo, Jillian Rivard, Dana Hirn
  • 32 Estimating the Reliability of Eyewitness Identification - Tim Valentine
  • 33 System-Based Research on Eyewitness Identification - Scott D. Gronlund, Curt A. Carlson
  • 34 Social Influences on Eyewitness Memory - Amy Bradfield Douglass, Lorena Bustamante
  • 35 Young Children's Eyewitness Memory - Gabrielle F. Principe, Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, Stephen J. Ceci
  • 36 The Older Eyewitness - James C. Bartlett
  • 37 Eliciting Verbal and Nonverbal Cues to Deceit by Outsmartin g the Liars - Aldert Vrij