The SAGE Handbook of Mental Health and Illness

Editor/Author Pilgrim, David, Rogers, Anne and Pescosolido, Bernice
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-84787-382-8
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Mental Health and Illness is a landmark volume, which integrates the conceptual, empirical, and evidence-based threads of mental health as an area of study, research, and practice.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgement
  • List of Editors
  • List of Contributors
  • Preface
  • Mental Health and Mental Disorder in Social Context
  • Mental Health and Mental Disorder in Social Context: Editors' Introduction
  • The Limits to Psychiatric and Behavioural Genetics - Angus Clarke
  • The Challenge of Measurement of Mental Disorder in Community Surveys - Jerome C. Wakefield, Mark F. Schmitz
  • Mental Health, Positive Psychology and the Sociology of the Self - Benedikt Rogge
  • Sociological Aspects of the Emotions - Gillian Bendelow
  • Ethnicity, Race and Mental Disorder in the UK - James Nazroo, Karen Iley
  • Gender Matters: Differences in Depression between Women and Men - Jane M. Ussher
  • The Diagnosis of Depression in an International Context - Renata Kokanovic
  • Stressors and Experienced Stress - Susan Roxburgh
  • Religious Beliefs and Mental Health: Applications and Extensions of the Stress Process Model - Scott Schieman
  • Children, Culture, and Mental Illness: Public Knowledge and Stigma toward Childhood Problems - Brea Perry, Bernice A. Pescosolido
  • Stigma and Mental Disorder - Graham Scambler
  • Medicalization and Mental Health: The Critique of Medical Expansion, and a Consideration of How Markets, National States, and Citizens Matter - Sigrun Olafsdottir
  • Danger and Diagnosed Mental Disorder - David Pilgrim, Anne Rogers
  • Clinical and Policy Topics
  • Clinical and Policy Topics: Editors' Introduction
  • Biological Explanations for and Responses to Madness - Philip Thomas
  • The Psychology of Psychosis - Richard Bentall
  • Sociological Aspects of Personality Disorder - Nick Manning
  • Sociological Aspects of Substance Misuse - Michael Bloor, Alison Munro
  • Social Aspects of Psychotropic Medication - David Pilgrim, Anne Rogers and Jonathan Gabe
  • Common Mental Health Problems: Primary Care and Health Inequalities in the UK - Carolyn Chew-Graham
  • Promoting Mental Health - Helen Herman
  • Institutionalization and Deinstitutionalization - Andrew Scull
  • Action for Change in the UK: Thirty Years of the User/Survivor Movement - Peter Campbell, Diana Rose
  • Recovery in Mental Illness: The Roots, Meanings, and Implementations of a “New” Services Movement - Ann McCranie
  • Mental Health Problems, Social Exclusion and Social Inclusion: A UK Perspective - Jenny Secker
  • Social Network Influence in Mental Health and Illness, Service Use and Settings, and Treatment Outcomes - Bernice A. Pescosolido