The SAGE Handbook of Management Learning, Education and Development

Editor/Author Armstrong, Steven J. and Fukami, Cynthia V.
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-4129-3539-5
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Management
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Table of Contents

The scholarship of management teaching and learning has established itself as a field in its own right, and this benchmark Handbook is the first to provide an account of the discipline.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • List of Contributors
  • 1 Past, Present and Future Perspectives of Management Learning, Education and Development - Steven J. Armstrong, Cynthia V. Fukami
  • Part I Management Learning: Theoretical Aspects of Learning and Knowledge Aquisition
  • 2 The Nature of Knowledge and Knowing in the Context of Management Learning, Education and Development - Robert Chia
  • 3 Experiential Learning Theory: A Dynamic, Holistic Approach to Management Learning, Education and Development - Alice Y. Kolb, David A. Kolb
  • 4 Collective Learning and Knowledge Transfer - Gabriele Lakomski
  • 5 Reflection, Reflective Practice and Organizing Reflection - Russ Vince, Michael Reynolds
  • 6 Critical Management Education beyond the Siege - David M. Boje, Khadija Al Arkoubi
  • 7 Collaborative Learning - Vivien E. Hodgson
  • 8 State of the Art: Ethics and Learning - Charles J. Fornaciari, Kathy Lund Dean
  • 9 Developing Leaders: Teaching about Emotional Intelligence and Training in Emotional Skills - Neal M. Ashkanasy, Marie T. Dasborough and Kaylene W. Ascough
  • Part II Management Education: In a Formal Learning Context
  • 10 Artful Teaching: Using the Visual, Creative and Performing Arts in Contemporary Management Education - Joan V. Gallos
  • 11 Technology in the Classroom - T. Grandon Gill
  • 12 Distance Learning and Web-Based Instruction in Management Education - J. B. Arbaugh, S. S. Warell
  • 13 Learning-Centered Course Design - David A. Whetten, Trav D. Johnson amd D. Lynn Sorenson
  • 14 Mentoring Ph.D. Students within an Apprenticeship Framework - Gerald R. Ferris, Pamela L. Perrewé and M. Ronald Buckley
  • 15 Diversity in the Context of Lifelong Learning - Myrtle P. Bell, Mustafa F. Özbilgin and Mine Karataş-Özkan
  • 16 Cognitive Styles and Learning Strategies in Management Education - Eugene Sadler-Smith
  • 17 Building Learning Teams: The Key to Harnessing the Power of Small Groups in Management Education - Larry Michaelsen, Tim O. Peterson and Michael Sweet
  • 18 Problem-Based and Project-Based Learning Approaches: Applying Knowledge to Authentic Situations - Robert DeFillippi, Richard G. Milter
  • 19 Assessment and Accreditation in Business Schools - Robert S. Rubin, Kathryn Martell
  • 20 The Research-Teaching Nexus: Tensions and Opportunities - Roy J. Lewicki, James R. Bailey
  • Part III Management Development: Non-Credit-Based Learning
  • 21 Reflexivity, Learning and Reflexive Practice - Ann L. Cunliffe
  • 22 Action Learning and Related Modalities - Joseph A. Raelin
  • 23 Developing Emotional, Social and Cognitive Intelligence Competencies in Managers and Leaders - Richard E. Boyatzis
  • 24 A Framework for Leadership Development - George A. Hrivnak Jr., Rebecca J. Reichard and Ronald E. Riggio
  • 25 Coaching and Mentoring in Support of Management Development - David Clutterbuck
  • 26 Rethinking the Role of Management Development in Preparing Global Business Leaders - Kathryn Aten, Luciara Nardon and Richard M. Steers
  • 27 Community of Practice or Practices of a Community? - Silvia Gherardi
  • 28 Assessment and Accreditation of Non-Formal Management Education and Development Programmes - Lichia Yiu, Raymond Saner
  • 29 The Pluralistic Future of Management Education - James O'Toole